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Master en Sciences de l’Ingénieur – Efficacité Énergétique et Économique


The course combines technical elements with economical sciences and business administration with the aim to provide a full range of skills required for tackling technically and commercially energy-related problems. The energy efficiency bias of this course makes it ideal for very good engineering or industrial engineering bachelor graduates wishing to acquire deeper knowledge in thermodynamics, mathematics and modern technologies needed to assess energy related issues. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Prove mastery of energy efficiency for different building categories (e.g. detached houses, apartments, schools, offices).
  • Prove mastery of energy efficiency for some industrial processes like steel-making and thermodynamic cycle processes including electricity production.
  • Analyze energetic solutions financially by means of classical business administration: invest, return, net present value.
  • Be familiar with the European assessment Policy in energetic questions.
  • Prove mastery of the relevant design methods of large solar thermal systems and apply them to energy engineering.
  • Demonstrate a good understanding of modern monitoring systems to optimize complex plants even from distance.
  • Apply a wide repertoire of concepts, methods and modern technologies to real-life problems arising in many technological projects.
  • Master the life-cycle analysis and apply it thoroughly as an assessment tool.
  • Approach other related areas of knowledge and recognize interconnections.
  • Apply state-of-the-art rules of fire-protection and fire-prevention and know their legal character and their interaction with building ventilation.
  • Work independently, as well as in a team, and function professionally.