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Our Vision, Mission and Strategy

Our Vision

A University for Luxembourg and the World

The University of Luxembourg shapes societal, cultural, technological and economic development in proactive dialogue with public and private stakeholders of society.

Over the last two decades, Luxembourg has undergone a deep transformation and diversified its economy towards a knowledge-based society. Luxembourg is developing new economic activities, which are technology- and knowledge-intensive and require substantial investments in skilled human resources, research and innovation. Science and innovation are key factors that will help Luxembourg’s move to smart, sustainable, inclusive growth, able to solve societal challenges while being internationally competitive. The University of Luxembourg sees itself as a driving force, generating knowledge and human capital based on research and education at the highest international level.

Our Mission and Profile

A world-class research university

The University of Luxembourg is a world-class research university. It strives for excellence in both fundamental and applied research, and in education. It drives innovation for society, has a high proportion of graduate students, and intertwines research, teaching and societal impact.

The University of Luxembourg has the profile of a research university with a strong activity in research, a high proportion of doctoral candidates and success in internationally competitive third-party funding, combined with excellent research-driven teaching throughout the University. The University has three missions: research, higher education and contribution to the social, cultural and economic development of the country.

Our Strategy framework

Reinforcing, strengthening and adding value

The University pursues four long-term goals.

  • Reinforce its international profile as an excellent research university.
  • Strengthen its teaching and establish new forms of learning.
  • Add value to society and meet emerging societal challenges.
  • Reinforce and encourage interdisciplinarity.

The University of Luxembourg is committed to inviolable foundational principles of human dignity, liberty, equality and rigorously protects academic freedom. The University of Luxembourg endorses a climate of free and open discussion and encourages critical thinking and defends the autonomy of both students and researchers as necessary foundations of an innovative and knowledge-based society and economy. It provides a unique forum for the development of the cultural, political and social dialogues that are the lifeblood of a mature democracy.

Embedded in a culturally diverse environment, the University of Luxembourg is a unique laboratory of intercultural collaboration and institution building. It is a European hub for research and teaching and well integrated in a framework of international partnerships. Its multilingualism is an important characteristic of the University, enriching both teaching and research through the unique plurality of perspectives that it embeds in the culture of the institution.

Our Four-Year Plan


While the Strategy framework of the University is a flexible roadmap for future University strategies and implementations, the Four-Year Plan is the instrument to implement the Strategy framework. The plan proposes a number of initiatives to tackle the three major challenges for the future as identified in the Strategy framework:

  • Sustainable and Societal Development
  • Medicine and Health
  • Digital Transformation

The current Four-Year Plan spans the horizon 2022-2025 and will take the University to and through its twentieth anniversary in 2023, a milestone in the University’s development.

Detailed information about the University’s Strategy framework and the current Four-Year Plan