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Support research on COVID-19 in Luxembourg

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, scientists from the University of Luxembourg, the Luxembourg Institute of Health, the Laboratoire National de Santé, LIST and LISER as well as laboratories and hospitals have joined forces under the umbrella of RESEARCH LUXEMBOURG to help in the fight against the novel coronavirus sars-cov-2.

Many Luxembourg-based scientists have initiated research projects focusing on the topic of COVID-19, notably on studies to gain a better understanding on the prevalence of the disease in Luxembourg, and to identify risk factors and biomarkers associated with severe symptoms and long-terms consequences of the disease. And by helping to model the evolution of the pandemic in Luxembourg, scientists are helping to shape informed decisions about confinement and exit strategies.

Many of these projects are evaluated and funded by the Fonds National de la Recherche (FNR). In addition, the André Losch Foundation has contributed 1.4M € to the research projects. Despite this generous funding, some of these projects did not receive the entire amount necessary to carry out the full project. Therefore, we are currently looking for donations to help us cover the costs of some of the most promising COVID-19 projects currently undertaken in Luxembourg.

Donations towards COVID-19 research projects can be made to the following account:
(For donors who want to support  COVID-19 research with a donation larger than 10,000 €, please contact Philippe Lamesch at philippe.lamesch@uni.lu or call at +352 621 389 800 )

Name: University of Luxembourg
Account: LU19 0019 2955 5270 5000
Communication: COVID-19 Research

More information on the research work related to COVID-19 can be found on the website of Research Luxembourg.


Donations and tax deductions

The University of Luxembourg is allowed to receive tax deductible gifts on the part of donors within the limits stipulated in articles 109 and 112 of the Income Tax Act.

These gifts are deductible as special expenses, paid in currency or in kind.


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"Les Amis de l’Université du Luxembourg" (Friends of the University) is a non-profit association aimed at contributing efficiently to the development of the University.

Founded in 2008, our association wants, first of all, to make the University better known and to promote it on a local, regional and international level.