Donate to the University of Luxembourg!

Through donations, the University is able to create a stimulating and attractive learning environment to support students in acquiring excellent skills and competences.

Donations may be used:

  • to finance scholarships intended for deserving students or students in need;
  • to finance academic seminars and conferences;
  • to finance research projects;
  • to finance a chair of research.

Our Fundraising charter (in French, PDF) provides additional information regarding patronage activities and corporate philanthropy.

Donations and tax deductions

The University of Luxembourg is allowed to receive gifts that are tax deductible in Luxembourg on the part of donors, within certain limits set by articles 109, 112 and 168 of the Luxembourg Income Tax Act

It is specified that in-kind donations to our University are not tax-deductible for Luxembourg tax purposes.

A tax receipt is issued by the University of Luxembourg for every gift.

NB: for potential tax deductibility in other States, please refer to a foreign tax expert

Kind of gifts

It is up to the donor to decide on the kind of donation he/she wishes to give.

The donors

Every donor may, if he/she wishes, be mentioned on the University’s website.


The Luxembourg University Foundation

Tonika Hirdman, Director General for the Fondation de Luxembourg, and former University president Rolf Tarrach in 2013

Tonika Hirdman, Director General for the Fondation de Luxembourg, and former University president Rolf Tarrach in 2013
© Marc Schmit/University of Luxembourg

September 2013 saw the launch of the Luxembourg University Foundation. The Foundation’s objectives are to support the academic and scientific activities, as well as initiatives of general interest of the University.

The Luxembourg University Foundation has been granted an initial capital of one million euros and has been placed in the professional care of the Fondation de Luxembourg, which will provide financial and operational management, as well as supervision.

The creation of the Foundation will allow the University to make significant advances in its activities thanks to increased external funding. These external funds can be put to good use in many ways:

  • the funding of scholarships for deserving or needy students;
  • the financial support of scientific conferences or research projects;
  • the funding of a research chair.

It is also hoped that the Foundation will assist the University in attracting additional international funding.

The Luxembourg University Foundation’s Management Committee is made up of five individuals including Alain Georges, Former Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Banque Générale de Luxembourg. The Management Committee will evaluate the various projects and allocate the financial resources.


Practical information

Bank account of the Luxembourg University Foundation:
IBAN: LU34 0019 4055 4574 9000

Further information & contact details