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Uni.lu among top 25 in new international Cooperation index

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Published on Monday, 11 October 2021

The University of Luxembourg is listed among the top 25 performers in the new Higher Education Cooperation index published by U-Multirank, a ranking system implemented by an independent consortium led by the Centre for Higher Education in Germany.

The new Cooperation index showcases how universities that collaborate both locally and internationally with other institutions, businesses and industries, government and regional bodies perform better across a set of criteria than those which do not.

The leading institutions in the U-Multirank Cooperation index are more successful in the graduation “on time” of their students, in the creation of graduate companies and in terms of publication output. The Cooperation index measures multiple aspects of cooperation: strategic partnerships, international joint degrees, internships, international co-publications, co-publications with industrial partners, regional co-publications and co-patents with industry.

In addition to the new Cooperation index, the traditional U-Multirank evaluation lists universities in Teaching and Learning, Research, Knowledge Transfer, International Orientation and Regional Engagement. In the 2021 edition, the University of Luxembourg performs particularly well in the areas of International Orientation and Research. In International Orientation, the University of Luxembourg has held excellent positions in all indicators since 2017. In Research, the University performs excellently in the criteria Research publications (size normalised), External research income, Citation rate, Top cited publications, Post-doctoral positions and Professional publications. On all these indicators the University retains a ranking 1.

In Teaching and Learning, the University of Luxembourg improves its position for the indicators Bachelor graduation rate (from rank 4 to rank 3) and Master graduation rate (from rank 3 to rank 2). The indicator measures the percentage of new entrants that successfully complete their Bachelor and Master programmes.

In Regional Engagement, the University of Luxembourg scores well on the employment of graduates in the region (rank 1 for Bachelor graduates working in the region, and rank 2 for Master graduates working in the region).

In Knowledge Transfer, the indicator Patents awarded improved from rank 4 to rank 1.

On gender balance, the University obtains rank 2.

Prof. Stéphane Pallage, Rector of the University of Luxembourg states: “The results of the ranking make us proud. They demonstrate that the University performs very well in the international competition, particularly regarding its cooperation in the institutional and business ecosystems. The work and efforts invested over the past years are being recognised. Above all, the ranking demonstrates that our University is an international top destination for students and researchers and provides an excellent value proposition to society at large.”

U-Multirank 2021 evaluated 1 945 universities from 96 countries worldwide (up from 850 in 2020). The ranking uses a multi-dimensional approach that compares the performance of universities across a range of activities, grading each of them from A (very good) to E (weak). U-Multirank 2021 ranking is based on data from the academic year 2019-2020 and from the calendar year 2019.


For more details : www.umultirank.org

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