The principle of mobility at the University of Luxembourg

The University of Luxembourg subscribes to the principle of international student mobility pursuant to the Bologna agreements (1999).

The Act of 12 August 2003 on the creation of the University of Luxembourg implements this principle in the following terms: “ A bachelor’s degree may be conferred only if a student enrolled in the University has attended, for a required period, another university or any other institution of higher education abroad.” 

Mobility is a real winning asset for students. By living and studying abroad and coming into contact with another academic culture, students are inevitably put in a situation that enables them to question and assess their personal choices, ways of thinking and of approaching their studies.
Students who wish to study abroad must enrol and earn at least 30 ECTS credits.

The ECTS credits earned abroad are recognized by the course director on the basis of the previously signed learning agreement.


You are:

- a student at the University of Luxembourg and wish to do an exchange abroad: outgoing student

- a student studying abroad and wish to come for an exchange at the University of Luxembourg: incoming student


You wish:

- to come to the University of Luxembourg for regular studies: regular enrolment

- to follow courses in the whole Greater Region (University of the Greater Region): UniGR enrolment