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Erasmus+ traineeship

In the framework of the Erasmus programme, a grant can be awarded for a training period in one of the 33 participating countries.

However, the number of available grants per academic year is limited. In view of the total available amount, course directors therefore operate a selection, mainly based on the motivation of the candidate and his placement project. In order to be able to really get to know the cultural life of the host country and to be involved as much as possible in professional life, living in the host country during the training period is mandatory. For the same reason, it is not possible to award a grant for placements within the Greater Region.

 Application procedure:

  • Choice of the host institution: As a student you are in charge of finding a host institution for your placement period. To help you with your research, the contact persons within your faculty can provide some contacts. Moreover, the SEVE organizes training sessions in the course of the academic year, where you can learn how to write a cover letter/CV, how to present yourself in a job interview, etc.
  • Application: For a student placement, a training agreement regarding the specific programme for the placement period has to be signed between the three parties and joined to the placement agreement, which is established between the student and the University of Luxembourg. The SEVE Mobility is in charge of the follow-up of the signature of these agreements and of the payment of the grants.

The grant:

The amounts of grants awarded for a placement are higher than those awarded for a study period abroad. This is due to the fact that generally costs are higher, because the host institutions do not offer the same services as a higher education institution. The grant is meant to help cover the travel and subsistence costs (including insurance costs) incurred in connection with the placement period abroad.

The grant is paid in two times: As soon as the SEVE Mobility receives your certificate of arrival duly signed by the host institution, the first 75% of the total amount of the grant are paid. The last 25% are paid upon reception of the certificate of departure and the placement report.


Erasmus+ traineeship certificates

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Monthly amount of the Erasmus+ grant per country