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Research on Parkinson’s Disease with Tokyo

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Published on Thursday, 26 May 2011

LCSB and the Systems Biology Institute (SBI) in Tokyo, Japan, are conjointly working on a deeper understanding of the complex system of Parkinson’s disease. A cooperation contract was signed and a Postdoc position is announced. Prof. Antonio del Sol (LCSB) and Prof. Hiroaki Kitano are the principal investigators within this collaboration.

Modelling and analysis of biological networks will be used to elucidate disease mechanism and development. This includes gene regulatory networks, metabolic networks and protein-protein interaction networks. The goal of the project is the study of different aspects of these networks, including topology, dynamics, and perturbations by combining concepts from different areas of mathematics, such as graph, information and game theories. These approaches should allow a better prediction of how some of major diseases, especially Parkinson's Disease, can be prevented or treated.