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Some of our Principal Investigators

Prof. Rudi Balling, director of the Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine, on various interdisciplinary research areas of the institute such as neurodegenrative diseases and cancer and ...

Ass. Prof. Dr. Antonio del Sol

Prof. Dr. Jens Schwamborn (LCSB)

Prof. Dr. Rejko Krüger (LCSB)

LCSB - Dr. Alexander Skupin (LCSB)

Dr Enrico Glaab

Dr Elisabeth John, coordinator of the Scienteens Lab

Veronique Briche (LCSB)

Aurelia Giovannangeli (LCSB)

Nicolas Bonjean (LCSB)

Dr. Jasmin Sinha (LCSB)

Julia Kessler (LCSB)