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Alexander Skupin

Alexander Skupin

Research scientist

Faculty or Centre Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine
Postal Address Université du Luxembourg
6, avenue du Swing
L-4367 Belvaux
Campus Office BioTech II, 2.15
Telephone (+352) 46 66 44 5268
Fax (+352) 46 66 44 35268
Video Dr. Alexander Skupin (LCSB)
Dr. Alexander Skupin (LCSB)
LCSB - Dr. Alexander Skupin (LCSB)

Principal Investigator in Integrative Cell Signalling group (Skupin Lab)

Last updated on: Friday, 07 August 2015

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See detailOn the phase space structure of IP3 induced Ca2+ signalling and concepts for predictive modeling
Falcke, Martin; Moein, Mahsa; Tilunaite; Thul, Rüdiger; Skupin, Alexander

in Chaos (2018), 28(4), 045115

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See detailLoss of inter-cellular cooperation by complete epithelial-mesenchymal transition supports favorable outcomes in basal breast cancer patients
Grosse-Wilde, Anne; Kuestner, Rolf E.; Skelton, Stephanie M.; MacIntosh, Ellie; d’Hérouël, Aymeric Fouquier; Ertaylan, Gökhan; del Sol, Antonio; Skupin, Alexander; Huang, Sui

in Oncotarget (2018), 9(28), 20018

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See detailData-driven dynamical model indicates that the heat shock response in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii is tailored to handle natural temperature variation
Magni, Stefano; Succurro, Antonella; Skupin, Alexander; Ebenhöh, Oliver

in Journal of the Royal Society, Interface (2018), 15(142), 20170965

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See detailCaSiAn: a Calcium Signaling Analyzer tool
Moein, Mahsa; Grzyb, Kamil; Gonçalves Martins, Teresa; Komoto, Shinya; Peri, Francesca; Crawford, Alexander Dettmar; Fouquier d’Herouel, Aymeric; Skupin, Alexander

in Bioinformatics (2018), 1

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See detailHow to address cellular heterogeneity by distribution biology
Skupin, Alexander; Komin, Niko

in Current Opinion in Systems Biology (2017), 3

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See detailInhibition of the mitochondrial calcium uniporter rescues dopaminergic neurons in pink1-/- zebrafish
Soman, Smijin; Keatinge, Marcus; Moein, Mahsa; Da Costa, Mark; Mortiboys, Meather; Skupin, Alexander; Sugunan, Sreedevi; Bazala, Michal; Kuznicki, Jacek; Bandmann, Oliver

in European Journal of Neuroscience (2017), 45(4), 528

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See detailLoss of DJ-1 impairs antioxidant response by altered glutamine and serine metabolism
Meiser, Johannes; Delcambre, Sylvie; Wegner, André; Jäger, Christian; Ghelfi, Jenny; Fouquier d'Hérouël, Aymeric; Dong, Xiangyi; Weindl, Daniel; Stautner, Constantin; Nonnenmacher, Yannic; Michelucci, Alessandro; Popp, Oliver; Giesert, Florian; Schildknecht, Stefan; Kraemer, Lisa; Schneider, Jochen G.; Woitalla, Dirk; Wurst, Wolfgang; Skupin, Alexander; Vogt Weisenhorn, Daniela M.; Krüger, Rejko; Leist, Marcel; Hiller, Karsten

in Neurobiology of disease (2016), 89

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See detailCell Fate Decision as High-Dimensional Critical State Transition
Mojtahedi, Mitra; Skupin, Alexander; Zhou, Joseph; Castaño, Ivan G.; Leong-Quong, Rebecca Y. Y.; Chang, Hannah; Trachana, Kalliopi; Giuliani, Alessandro; Huang, Sui

in PLOS Biology (2016), 14(12), 2000640

Full Text
See detailAnalysis of mitochondrial metabolism in situ: Combining stable isotope labeling with selective permeabilization
Nonnenmacher, Yannic; Palorini, Roberta; d’ Herouël, Aymeric Fouquier; Krämer, Lisa; Neumann-Schaal, Meina; Chiaradonna, Ferdinando; Skupin, Alexander; Wegner, Andre; Hiller, Karsten

in Metabolic Engineering (2016)

Full Text
See detailNeurological Diseases from a Systems Medicine Point of View.
Ostaszewski, Marek; Skupin, Alexander; Balling, Rudi

in Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.) (2016), 1386

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See detailStemness of the hybrid Epithelial/Mesenchymal State in Breast Cancer and Its Association with Poor Survival.
Grosse-Wilde, Anne; Fouquier d'Hérouël, Aymeric; McIntosh, Ellie; Ertaylan, Gökhan; Skupin, Alexander; Kuestner, Rolf E.; del Sol Mesa, Antonio; Walters, Kathie-Anne; Huang, Sui

in PLoS ONE (2015), 10(5), 0126522

Full Text
See detailProtocols and programs for high-throughput growth and aging phenotyping in yeast.
Jung, Paul; Christian, Nils; Kay, Daniel; Skupin, Alexander; Linster, Carole

in PloS one (2015), 10(3), 0119807

Full Text
See detailMultiscale Modeling Indicates That Temperature Dependent [Ca2+]i Spiking in Astrocytes Is Quantitatively Consistent with Modulated SERCA Activity
Komin, Niko; Moein, Mahsa; Ellisman, Mark; Skupin, Alexander

in Neural Plasticity (2015), Volume 2015

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See detailPro-inflammatory macrophages sustain pyruvate oxidation through pyruvate dehydrogenase for the synthesis of itaconate and to enable cytokine expression
Meiser, Johannes; Kraemer, Lisa; Sapcariu, Sean; Battello, Nadia; Ghelfi, Jenny; Fouquier d'Hérouël, Aymeric; Skupin, Alexander; Hiller, Karsten

in Journal of Biological Chemistry (2015)

Full Text
See detailImproved Parkinson’s disease classification from diffusion MRI data by Fisher vector descriptors
Salamanca Mino, Luis; Vlassis, Nikos; Diederich, Nico; Bernard, Florian; Skupin, Alexander

in Improved Parkinson’s disease classification from diffusion MRI data by Fisher vector descriptors (2015, October)

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See detailCritical transitions in chronic disease: transferring concepts from ecology to systems medicine
Trefois, Christophe; Antony, Paul; Goncalves, Jorge; Skupin, Alexander; Balling, Rudi

in Current Opinion in Biotechnology (2015), 34

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See detailMesoscopic behavior from microscopic Markov dynamics and its application to calcium release channels.
Christian, Nils; Skupin, Alexander; Morante, Silvia; Karl, Jansen; Rossi, Giancarlo; Ebenhöh, Oliver

in Journal of Theoretical Biology (2014), 343

Full Text
See detailDescribing the complexity of systems: multivariable "set complexity" and the information basis of systems biology.
Galas, David J.; Sakhanenko, Nikita A.; Skupin, Alexander; Ignac, Tomasz

in Journal of computational biology: a journal of computational molecular cell biology (2014), 21(2), 118-40

Full Text
See detailUnidirectional P-body transport during the yeast cell cycle.
Garmendia-Torres, Cecilia; Skupin, Alexander; Michael, Sean A.; Ruusuvuori, Pekka; Kuwada, Nathan J.; Falconnet, Didier; Cary, Gregory A.; Hansen, Carl; Wiggins, Paul A.; Dudley, Aimee M.

in PloS one (2014), 9(6), 99428

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See detailDiscovering pair-wise genetic interactions: an information theory-based approach.
Ignac, Tomasz; Skupin, Alexander; Sakhanenko, Nikita A.; Galas, David J.

in PloS one (2014), 9(3), 92310

Full Text
See detailROS homeostasis in a dynamic model: How to save PD neuron?
Kolodkin, Alexey; Ignatenko, Andrew; Sangar, Vineet; Simeonidis, Vangelis; Peters, Bernhard; Westerhoff, Hans; Skupin, Alexander; Yilmaz, Nilgun; Barberis, Matteo; Mondeel, Thierry; Price, Nathan; Brady, Nathan; Balling, Rudi

Poster (2014, December)

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See detailAutomated nuclei clump splitting by combining local concavity orientation and graph partitioning
Samsi, Siddharth; Trefois, Christophe; Antony, Paul; Skupin, Alexander

in International Conference on Biomedical and Health Informatics (2014)

Full Text
See detailReliable encoding of stimulus intensities within random sequences of intracellular Ca2+ spikes.
Thurley, Kevin; Tovey, Stephen C.; Moenke, Gregor; Prince, Victoria L.; Meena, Abha; Thomas, Andrew P.; Skupin, Alexander; Taylor, Colin W.; Falcke, Martin

in Science Signaling (2014), 7(331), 59

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See detailAneuploidy underlies a multicellular phenotypic switch.
Tan, Zhihao; Hays, Michelle; Cromie, Gareth A.; Jeffery, Eric W.; Scott, Adrian C.; Ahyong, Vida; Sirr, Amy; Skupin, Alexander; Dudley, Aimee M.

in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (2013), 110(30), 12367-72

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See detailNew methods for finding associations in large data sets: Generalizing the maximal information coefficient (MIC)
Ignac, Tomasz; Sakhanenko, N. A.; Skupin, Alexander; Galas, David J.

in Proceedings of the Ninth International Workshop on Computational Systems Biology (2012)

Full Text
See detailCalcium signaling: from single channels to pathways
Skupin, Alexander; Thurley, K.

in Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology (2012), 740

Full Text
See detailFundamentalproperties of Ca2+ signals
Thurley, K.; Skupin, Alexander; Thul, R.; Falcke, M.

in Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - General Subjects (2012), 1820(8), 1185-94

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Full Text
See detailThermodynamic Characterisation of Carbohydrate-Active Enzymes
Ebenhoeh, Oliver; Skupin, Alexander; Kartal, Oender; Mahlow, Sebastian; Steup, Martin

in Experimental Standard Conditions of Enzyme Characterisation, Ruedesheim 12-16 2011 (2011)

Full Text
See detailCarbohydrate-active enzymes exemplify entropic principles in metabolism
Kartal, O.; Mahlow, S.; Skupin, Alexander; Ebenhöh, O.

in Molecular Systems Biology (2011), 7(542),

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See detailModeling the complex dynamics of enzyme-pathway coevolution.
Schutte, Moritz; Skupin, Alexander; Segre, Daniel; Ebenhoh, Oliver

in Chaos (2010), 20(4), 045115

Full Text
See detailStatistical Analysis of Calcium Oscillations
Skupin, Alexander; Falcke, Martin

in European Physical Journal. Special Topics (2010), 187

Full Text
See detailCalcium signals driven by single channel noise.
Skupin, Alexander; Kettenmann, Helmut; Falcke, Martin

in PLoS computational biology (2010), 6(8),

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Full Text
See detailFrom puffs to global Ca2+ signals: how molecular properties shape global signals.
Skupin, Alexander; Falcke, Martin

in Chaos (2009), 19(3), 037111

Full Text
See detailClustering of InsP3 receptors by InsP3 retunes their regulation by InsP3 and Ca2+.
Taufiq-Ur-Rahman; Skupin, Alexander; Falcke, Martin; Taylor, Colin W.

in Nature (2009), 458(7238), 655-9

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Full Text
See detailTemperature and nitric oxide control spontaneous calcium transients in astrocytes.
Schipke, Carola G.; Heidemann, Antje; Skupin, Alexander; Peters, Oliver; Falcke, Martin; Kettenmann, Helmut

in Cell calcium (2008), 43(3), 285-95

Full Text
See detailThe role of IP3R clustering in Ca2+ signaling.
Skupin, Alexander; Falcke, Martin

in Genome informatics. International Conference on Genome Informatics (2008), 20

Full Text
See detailHow does intracellular Ca2+ oscillate: by chance or by the clock?
Skupin, Alexander; Kettenmann, Helmut; Winkler, Ulrike; Wartenberg, Maria; Sauer, Heinrich; Tovey, Stephen C.; Taylor, Colin W.; Falcke, Martin

in Biophysical journal (2008), 94(6), 2404-11

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Full Text
See detailStatistical properties and information content of calcium oscillations.
Skupin, Alexander; Falcke, Martin

in Genome informatics. International Conference on Genome Informatics (2007), 18

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