The three Rs

The LCSB applies the three Rs (3Rs), the guiding principles underpinning the humane use of animals in scientific research, in its daily work. Any researcher planning to use animals in their research must first show that there is no available alternative and how the research will be done to minimize numbers and suffering, i.e.:

  • Replace: We aim to use non-animal research methods, such as cell cultures, computer models or studies with human volunteers, wherever possible toavoid the use of animals altogether.
  • Reduce: We aim to design our experiments in such a way that only the minimum number of animals is used to answer the given scientific question. This includes obtaining information from fewer animals or gaining more information from the same number of animals. We strive to share and re-analyse data from past experiments to avoid using additional animals.
  • Refine: We aim to design and carry out experiments in which animals suffer as little as possible. The impact of an experiment on the animal’s welfare is considered from the planning phase until the end of the procedure. This includes improvements in housing conditions and procedures, which minimize pain and suffering and/or improve animal welfare.

The 3Rs
Concept: National Centre for the Replacement Refinement & Reduction of Animals in Research