The LCSB regularly co-organises training sessions on animal experimentation and welfare for research staff, enabling them to design and perform experiments on small animals by respecting strict ethical and regulatory principles. Training is mandatory for any person working in the animal facilities.

Those training sessions correspond to the requirements defined by the EU Directive 2010/63/EU and the Règlement Grand-Ducal of the 11th January 2013. They follow the guidelines developed by the EU for a common education and training framework and recommendations of the FELASA (Federation of European Laboratory Science Experimentation). Certificates will be delivered at the end of each session.

There are 2 types of session:

Function A
This training is intended for research staff carrying out procedures on animals and concentrates on care and handling of animals as well as health and welfare. Completion of the training gives the authorisation to enter an animal facility and conduct experiments.

Function B
This training is intended for researchers who do not only perform experiments but also design procedures and projects and submit them for ethical approval. Here, a special focus is put on ethical aspects as well as on reduction in animal use and possible alternatives.

Those training comprised theoretical courses, practical workshops as well as E-learning modules using an online platform and are followed by exams.

There is one session per year for each function.
The next training session will be held in March/April 2018 for function B.
Upcoming sessions will be announced in our event calendar.