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Bioinformatics Core

The Bioinformatics Core group at the LCSB

Top row (left to right): Ewa Smula, Wei Gu, Christophe Trefois, Kirsten Roomp, Jacek Lebioda, Noua Toukourou, Sascha Herzinger, Laurent Heirendt, Patrick May, Peter Banda, Valentin Groues

Bottom row (left to right): Pinar Alper, Sarah Peter, Roland Krause, Venkata Satagopam, Reinhard Schneider (Principal Investigator), Marie-Laure Magnani, Anshika Chowdhary, Nikola Maria de Lange, Kavita Rege, David Hoksza, Alvaro Gallego Martinez

Missing: Yohan Jarosz, Maharashi Yvas, Marek Ostaszewski, Dietlind Gerloff, Piotr Gawron, Aishwayra Alex Namasivayan, Vasco Verissimo, Regina Becker, Linda Ebermann

About the Bioinformatics Core group

The Bioinformatics Core group, led by Prof. Dr. Reinhard Schneider,has a central role in the LCSB, as it enables the researchers to efficiently manage, analyse and interpret their data. The group ensures the efficient data flow within and between experimental, theoretical-computational and medical-oriented groups. Data is being handled, stored, and categorised. Automatic workflows are provided that apply a range of prediction, filtering and summarisation steps so that it is possible to focus on the relevant aspects of the vast data. This typically requires the close collaboration of computer scientists and biologists covering a broad spectrum of disciplines. Together, time- and cost-efficient analysis pipelines are developed and deployed. The research in the Bioinformatics Core evolves around a better accessibility and interpretation of the ever increasing but often messy data. The group develops algorithms for data mining and visualisation and works on methodologies to more easily improve the FAIRification of data: making data findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable. Due to its developments around data operations and knowledge generation, the Bioinformatics Core serves as an integrator in LCSB, which is reflected e.g. by its important role in the cross-sectional projects of LCSB like NCER-PD and the Parkinson’s Disease map. The core facility group in its function as Luxembourg’s ELIXIR Node provides services also for the other biomedical research stakeholders in Luxembourg and is serving as an international data hub.

Head of Team

Dr. Reinhard Schneider (LCSB)

Research Focus

Medical research is very much about data. The Bioinformatics Core of the LCSB, a group of computer scientists and bioinformaticians, works on unlocking the full potential of this ...