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Responsible and Reproducible Research (R3)

The aim of the R3 initiative at the LCSB is to raise research quality and increase the overall reproducibility of scientific results. This ambitious goal is achieved through state-of-the-art infrastructure, GDPR compliant data processes and data handling methods, as well as platforms and tools for high-quality scientific computing code. The classical research publication workflow is standardized by structuring data, capturing lab protocols and experimental methods in electronic lab notebooks, source code versioning, workflow management, and freezing of project states via virtualization technologies. The R3 program is built on three pillars: the R3 pathfinder, the R3 school, and the R3 accelerator. Based on individual consultations, the R3 pathfinder program helps the individual groups of LCSB to follow best practices. The R3 school comprises courses on data protection, version control, and computer basics. The R3 accelerator aims at more mature projects with strong R3 components that can be further boosted in their level of quality and reproducibility. The R3 clinic links all three facets, where scientists and researchers receive hands-on support to push the boundaries of R3 with their individual projects.

Team: Christophe Trefois, Laurent Heirendt, Pinar Alper, Sarah Peter, Valentin Groues, Yohan Jarosz, Vilem Ded, Alexey Kolodkin, Maharshi Vyas, Noua Toukourou.