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Integrative Cell Signalling


The Integrative Cell Signalling group.

Top row (from left to right): Guadalupe Clara Garcia, David Bouvier, Kamil Grzyb, Françoise Kemp, Dimitrios Kyriakis, Alice Oldano and Aymeric Fouquier D'Herouël.

Second row (from left to right): Michela Bernini, Alexander Skupin, Melanie Sengupta, Marina Popleteeva, Sonja Fixemer, Silvia Martina and Susan Ghaderi.

About the Integrative Cell Signalling group

The general approach of the Integrative Cell Signalling group lead by Dr. Alexander Skupin is to combine state-of-the-art imaging and single cell techniques with mechanistic modelling and bioinformatics analyses to investigate how the emergent behaviour of cells, organs and organisms originates from molecular entities. To understand the underlying cell signalling mechanisms, we focus on live cell imaging and multi-scale simulations with consideration of (epi)genetic constrains. Our major interests are signalling pathways related to Parkinson’s disease (PD) with a particular focus on mitochondrial dysfunction and dynamic coupling between energy metabolism and cell signalling such as Ca2+ dynamics. Therefore we use diverse cell lines and phenotyping assays including sophisticated image analysis and information theory based methods to reveal the dynamic consequences of disease-related perturbations at single cell resolution.


Head of Team

LCSB - Associate Prod. Dr. Alexander Skupin (LCSB)