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Interventional Neuroscience

About the Interventional Neuroscience group

The Interventional Neuroscience Group, headed by Dr. Frank Hertel, is integrating clinical research in neurosurgery with computational research in image guided procedures, biomedical modeling and systems biomedicine. 

The main focus is to translate computational science for clinical practice in Neurosurgery. The group develops methods that use artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms and tools used in image-guided procedures, biomedical modelling, as well as research in Neurosurgery and Systems Biomedicine. 

Besides scientists and clinicians, a number of PhD, MD and Master students are working hand in hand in highly interdisciplinary projects, in collaboration with the CHL (Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg), the LIH (Luxembourg Institute of Health) and the LNS (Laboratoire National de Santé). This allows to analyse results of basic research quickly, and to efficiently transfer those from the laboratory into the clinic and back. Innovations from research are thus directly benefiting patient care, and clinical observations can lead to new insights in basic science. Those tools offer high innovative potential and are interesting for industrial partners.