Finance & Grants

From left to right: Estelle Ferreira-Pereira, Micaela Melo-Silva, Matthias Müller, Mounir Maaoui, Linda Ebermann, Teresa Martins, missing: Simone Witzmann

The Finance and Grants teams are advising the research groups in questions concerning internal and external funds.

The mission of the controlling team is to actively support the steering of the LCSB in financial decisions. For this, the members of the team are interacting not only within the LCSB (researcher teams, department heads and the director), but also with the central administration of the University, such as the HR, the Finance department and the procurement office. The Financial Controlling team is also in contact with external cooperation partners to clarify financial matters. 

The LCSB Grants team is the contact point for researchers for all national and international funding programmes. The team provides services related to the acquisition and management of competitive external financial support for research.

Grant funding constitutes a considerable share of research financing at the LCSB and is used to finance research projects which do not have institutional funding. They help finding funding opportunities, offer advice on grant writing, budget calculation and help with the submission of proposals. They continue their support through contract management and guidance in reporting as well as liaising with University central services and funding bodies.




- Mounir MAAOUI

- Teresa MARTINS

- Barbara CATARINO

- Micaela MELO-SILVA

- Matthias MÜLLER