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Support Biotech

The Support Biotech Team gathers specialists with different competencies to optimize & coordinate  the day-to-day laboratory operations, freeing the LCSB researchers to focus on their work. Moreover, the team supports the development of the center by driving the planning of the future facilities.

From left to right: Biagio Latella, Jil Fischbach, Nicolas Bonjean, Thea Maria Van Wüllen (top), Annegrät Daujeumont, Christophe Bouillon (top), Marie Fossépré, Alexandra Ferraro, Monika Kanter, Samir Menaouli, Arnaud Moschetta (missing: Fasavanh Sanichanh, Denise Angeletti)

In order to facilitate the follow-up of the various requests the team receives, the preferred communication channel is the ticketing system.
Our service portfolio includes: