Information for 2022 - Activity at school

The Scienteens Lab is offering a new workshop on renewable energies which is partially available at school.

Renewable energies
How much energy do we use? Does our lifestyle affect the amount of energy that we need? Could renewable energy technologies provide for all our energy needs? During this workshop, participants get to research the answers to these questions using a self-assessment process as well as carrying out hands on experiments to discover the potential of solar, wind, biomass or human powered technologies.

The students calculate their daily energy need using either special figurines or a website and learn to solve the energy balance problem using the data they generated. They compare their own energy consumption to that of other people and discuss whether Luxembourg could go 100% renewable. Through these activities, they learn the difference between power and energy, discover that different types of renewable energies have different efficiencies and that they require land surface area, and they realise that our lifestyle affects the energy balance (energy needed vs energy produced). The outcome is that the students will be able to answer the questions themselves through their own investigations.

Pratical information

The workshop is conducted in German or English and is suitable for the age group 13 and above.
There are two options for booking this workshop:

  • Split the workshop over two days: a schools visit on day one (1h – 1h45 hrs depending on age), hands-on experiments on Campus Limpertsberg on day two (1h45).
  • Do the complete workshop in 3h30 on Campus Limpertsberg.

To book a workshop or ask questions, contact the Scienteens Lab team by email (scienteens.physics[AT]
Due to organisational reasons, we kindly ask you to book at least 3 weeks in advance.

This workshop was developed by a team of researchers from the Department of Physics and Materials Science of the University of Luxembourg in the framework of the Energy4Life project. You can find more information about this project on the dedicated e4l website.








Workshops at the Scienteens Lab

On campus Limpertsberg, the Scienteens Lab offers three different workshops in physics:

1. High-tech research for better solar cells: Does the sun also shine in our labs?

How does a solar cell work? How can you measure its efficiency with a sun simulator? During this physics workshop, students get the opportunity to discover the answers to these exciting questions.
They get a better understanding of the current research on solar cells and find out why different solar
cell technologies exist.

During the workshop, the students learn through hands-on experiments how to:

  • Produce a dye-sensitized solar cell
  • Test the short-circuit current and the open circuit voltage
  • Measure the conversion efficiency of different solar cells with a sun simulator
  • Calibrate the light intensity and investigate the influence of the temperature with scientific equipment.
  • Use different lasers to learn about the reciprocity relation of an LED and a solar cell and predict the emission colour of an LED only from its absorption properties

At the end of the day, the results of all the groups are discussed, and the participants discover which group created the best DIY solar cell.








2. Modern spectroscopy in the field of materials research: How does sunscreen protect our skin?

Why do we need sunscreen? How and why does it work? In order to answer those questions, learn more about light sources, modern spectroscopy, wavelength and particle properties of light.

During this physics workshop, students get the opportunity to synthesise their own sunscreen and to test its effectiveness. Different experimental tools are applied to understand the sunscreen:

  • diffraction grating to analyse light and familiarise with the wave properties of light
  • a self-made spectroscope to characterise light sources and get a better understanding of light-matter interaction
  • a spectrometer to measure how effective the sunscreen is

At the end of the day, the groups assemble their results from the research experiments and draw a conclusion.








3. Mayonnaise, a culinary star on the test bench - a liquid or a solid?

During this physics workshop, students get the opportunity to analyse the behaviour of a specific
material in all its forms and learn to establish a relation between its structure and its flow behaviour.

Different experimental tools are applied to analyse the mayonnaise:

  • Microscopy to investigate the structure
  • Rheometer and Hagen-Poiseuille equation to study the flow properties

At the end of the day, each group presents its results and conclusions.









Practical information for all the physics workshops at the Scienteens Lab

At the end of a workshop, each student receives a certificate attesting to his participation.


The main languages used during physics workshops are German and English. Special arrangements are possible for workshops in French.

Time schedule

The workshops take place from 9:00h till 15:30h with a lunch break of one hour. During the lunch break the students can use the canteen. The lunch schedule need to be observed, so that the afternoon activities can resume on time. Please note, that the participants might want to bring a small snack for the morning, as the lunch break can be a bit late


The physics workshops take place at the Physics and Materials Science Research Unit of the University of Luxembourg on Campus Limpertsberg.
Information on how to access Campus Limpertsberg is available here and the map below shows the Science Building.

By Bus, from the central train station / Luxembourg-city:
Take line 2 (Limpertsberg / L.T. Michel Lucius - Gasperich - Kohlenberg / Boy Konen) or line 4 (Limpertsberg / LT Michel Lucius - Leudelange, Gemeng), stop at "Lycée Technique Michel Lucius", and walk down rue Guillaume Capus.




To book a workshop at the Scienteens Lab, register online with Appointy or contact the Scienteens Lab team by email.