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Training for teachers

Credits for participation in workshops

Teachers who accompany a class for a workshop can get credits for this activity, if the head of their school agrees.
A workshop count as 3 hours of continuing education and the Scienteens Lab delivers the corresponding certificate
to the teachers.

This is done in collaboration with IFEN. Find the detailed terms below:

  • Each teacher can only get a certificate once for each workshop.
    It means that a teacher who accompany two classes for the “DNA on the tanning bed” workshop for example will only get credited for 3 hours. A teacher who accompany a class for “DNA on the tanning bed” and for “The enzyme Dld3 shows its colours” will get credited for 6 hours.
  • This is valid for all workshops in biology, mathematics and physics.
  • Teachers have to inform our team ahead of time if they require the certificate, so we can prepare it before their visit to the Scienteens Lab.


Advanced Training

Continuing education for teachers and teachers-in-training is offered several times per year
via the “Institut de formation de l'Éducation nationale” (IFEN).
The courses match the current school curriculum and pick up actual topics.
Upcoming courses are listed below. Courses can also be offered upon demand.

Next training courses:

"ELISA’s search for the Pepino Mosaic Virus"
Workshop in Luxembourgish and German on Thursday 2 December - 15:00-19:00

"High-tech research for better solar cells"
Workshop in English on Wednesday 8 December - 15:30-19:30

"Local - Global - Fractal"
Lecture in German on Thursday 9 December - 16:00-18:00


Travail de Candidature

By bridging the gap between the classroom and the research bench, the Scienteens Lab is a suitable place for teachers to realize their Travail de Candidature.



In order to strengthen the practical experience of the high-school teachers, it is possible to make a “Décharge” at the Scienteens Lab. During this time the teachers supervise workshops together with scientists and support the development of new experiments. If you are interested in science teaching and would like to participate in our team do not hesitate to contact us.