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Workshops for high-school students

Bridge the gap between theoretical school knowledge and hands-on research: step from the classroom into a scientific laboratory!


1. One-Day Workshops

The one-day workshops are offered for entire classes from classical (3e, 2e, 1ère) and technical (11e, 12e, 13e) high schools in 4 scientific disciplines: biology, mathematics, physics and computer science. Experienced scientists of the University of Luxembourg and high-school teachers supervise the workshops, which are mainly linked to the current investigations of the different research groups.

Practical information:

  • The Scienteens Lab offers either half-day or full-day workshops.
    A full-day workshop take place from 9:00h till 15:30h with a lunch break of one hour.
  • The group should not exceed 28 students.
  • The classes have to pay a participation fee for Biology workshops: 7 euros per student.
    The Scienteens Lab sends an invoice after the workshop (no payment on site).
  • At the end of a workshop, each student receives a certificate attesting to his participation.

NEW! Teachers who accompany a class for a workshop can get credits for this activity (3 hours of continuing education), if the head of their school agrees. To know more, go to the teacher training page.




 Computer Science

To book a workshop at the Scienteens Lab, register online with Appointy.


Discover our biology workshops through a short video!


2. Holiday workshop

In addition to workshops for entire classes, the Scienteens Lab also offers individual one-day workshops for highly motivated high-school students during the school holidays. These workshops are offered together with the Science Club of Luxembourg. Individual participants have to register at the Science Club first and can then take part in a holiday workshop. The schedule and activity are similar to the one-day workshops.