Computer Science

Information for 2022 - Activity online and at school

The Scienteens Lab is offering a new computer science workshop which is available either on campus, online or at school.

Think, talk and move like a robot
This workshop explores algorithms, coding and robotics in order to compare how humans and robots act or react. The hands-on activities allow pupils to answer questions such as: What makes robots different from humans? Do robots think differently than humans? How can we interact with robots?

This 3-hour workshop designed for classes of 7e and 6e can be divided in three different digital lessons of one hour each. Entitled “55 minutes to understand”, each lesson is dedicated to a specific topic:

  • 55 minutes to understand algorithms: Think like a robot
    Participants learn about different type of algorithms, how they can be used in our daily life to solve different kind of problems and what is the link with artificial intelligence.
  • 55 minutes to understand coding: Talk like a robot
    Participants discover the history of computers and code, learn more about code development and do a series of plugged (only on campus) and unplugged exercises.
  • 55 minutes to understand robotics: Act like a robot
    Participants explore how to make a robot walk through hands-on experiments, explore the idea of self-consciousness and expression of emotions in a robot and reflect on concrete applications for robots through the example of the QT robot (robot only on campus).

Pratical information

The workshop is conducted in French or English and is suitable for 7e and 6e.
There are two options to book this workshop:

  • Book the full 3 hours workshop “Robots vs Humans” on campus Belval
  • Split the workshop in three “55 minutes to understand” sessions conducted online or at school.
    Each 1h session can be conducted on a different day.

To book a workshop or ask questions, contact Régine Poussin by email.









Workshops at the Scienteens Lab

On Campus Belval, the Scienteens Lab already offers one workshop in computer science and additional activities are coming soon.

1. Art and AI

After a short introduction to artificial intelligence (AI), its role in our daily lives and scientific research currently done on the topic, pupils discover that this technology can be used to create works of art.
They first learn how to design an unplugged AI, from collecting and preparing the data to training and finally evaluating the AI. They then use computer programming to produce drawings. The participants have some time to explore by themselves the possibilities offered by these new tools and will then be able to continue practicing at home. Through presentations and hands-on activities, this workshop highlights the importance of data and how it can be used to train intelligent machines, and let the participants form their own opinion on AI. The workshop also invites them to reflect on questions such as: Can intelligent machines perform art? Does computer science involve or even require creativity?

The workshop covers among others the following topics and activities:

  • State of art in artificial intelligence
  • Design of an unplugged AI
  • Art experiments with AI
  • Introduction to coding in Java for processing
  • General coding notions such as variables, functions, conditions, loops, etc.

This workshop is suited for pupils from 5e or 4e .
No prior knowledge of coding or computer science needed.


The main languages used during the workshop are French and English.

Time schedule

This workshop is offered as a half-day course (3 hours including a 10 minutes break).
Teachers are free to choose their preferred starting time between 8:00 am and 2:00 pm (can be done during registration).


The workshops in computer science take place in the Maison du Savoir (MSA) on Campus Belval.

If you arrive by car or coach, take the A4 and keep it until the end, then follow the signs towards "Belval". On the campus, there are no signs to indicate the way to Maison du Savoir. Please use the map below to find your way.

If you arrive by train, the stop is "Belval Université". Our building is 10 minutes away from the train station by foot. There are also several buses that you can take to arrive on the campus.










At the end of a workshop, each student receives a certificate attesting to his participation.

To book a workshop at the Scienteens Lab, register online with Appointy.