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Disease Modelling & Screening Platform







The Disease Modelling & Screening Platform (DMSP) provides infrastructure and services related to early drug discovery. This platform is a collaboration between the LCSB and the Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH). It combines the cellular disease modelling expertise of both institutions with early drug discovery technology. The High‐Throughput Screening / High Content Screening equipment is located at the LCSB (BT2).


This state-of-the-art platform facilitates the translation of scientific discoveries into tangible drug candidates. It acts as an interface between fundamental biomedical research and high standard drug discovery to:

  • help researchers develop screenings based on their biological findings
  • perform screenings with DMSP compounds or with the researchers’ library
  • develop new cellular disease models for phenotypic screenings
  • offer phenotypic screenings in established patient-derived cellular models

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Contact information

Dr Meritxell Bao Cutrona
Head of the Disease Modeling & Screening Platform
Email: Meritxell.Cutrona@lih.lu

Visiting Address:
BioTech II - Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine
Campus Belval, Université du Luxembourg
6, Avenue du Swing - L-4367 Belvaux
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Platform manager





Dr. Meritxell Bao Cutrona (LIH)












Dr. Vyron Gorgogietas









Gérald Cruciani



Visiting researchers:

Dr. Bruno Dos Santos Rodrigues (LIH)
Tatiana Michel (LIH)
Arkadiusz Rybicki (LIH)