Natasa Przulj



Professor of Biomedical Data Science, University College London

Prof. Dr. Nataša Pržulj has made outstanding contributions to the field of network science. She is the inventor of graphlets, a methodology now utilized in many algorithms. She initiated extraction of biomedical knowledge from the wiring patterns (topology) of complex and large molecular (omic) networks. Her recent work includes designing machine learning methods, mostly based on non-negative matrix tri-factorization, for fusion of heterogeneous biomedical data, applied to advancing biomedical knowledge and precision medicine.

She received more than €15.6 million in competitive research funding, including three of the most prestigious, single-PI, European Research Council (ERC) grants: €1.6M ERC Starting, €2M ERC Consolidator and an ERC Proof of Concept. Her publications have been cited over 11,300 times, she has an h-index of 47 and an i10-index of 73 (Google Scholar). She supervised 9 PhD students to completion and is currently supervising 9 more.

She has been elected to several academies, including Academia Europaea – The Academy of Europe, ELLIS – The European Laboratory for Learning and Intelligent Systems, Fellow of The British Computer Society Academy of Computing, and The Serbian Royal Academy. She is on editorial and scientific advisory boards. She is a Founder and Director of startup, Graphlet Technologies.