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Data Conversations




THEME: GDPR and your research data

WHEN: Wednesday 25 April 2018, 12h30-15h

WHERE: Black Box (Ground Floor), Maison des Science Humaines (MSH), Campus Belval, Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg


We are still looking for speakers so if you are interested in speaking and presenting your data story during this event please contact data.conversations@uni.lu.



The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which provides new and updated rules for the protection of personal data, will become applicable on 25 May 2018. For the first edition of our 'Data Conversations' event series, we will therefore focus on this important and imminent topic. It will be an opportunity to come and listen to fellow researchers who will present in lightning talks how GDPR is going to affect the way they manage their research data. The floor will then be opened for questions and discussion with the presence of an expert panel on GDPR.


12:30-13:00 – General introduction to GDPR (Sandrine Munoz, UL Data Protection Officer)

13:00-14:00 – Lightning talks from researchers

14:00-15:00 – Questions and open floor discussion with the presence of an expert panel on GDPR

(15:00-16:00) – (Session ends but possibility to continue the discussion in the room)

What are Data Conversations?

Research data is a crucial pillar of the research process. Data Conversations are all about bringing researchers together to share their data stories, discuss issues and exchange ideas. Whether it is about data creation, collection, use, processing, sharing or management; whether it is about lessons learned from your own failures (#DataHorrorStories) or successes in dealing with data; Data Conversations aims to make the exchange happen.

The usual format will be a 2 hours session with lightning talks and open discussion/debate time.

Who should attend?

Researchers and research support staff from any research institution in Luxembourg and any discipline; from early career to established and leading researchers.

Can I present my data story?

Yes! Data Conversations is all about researchers sharing their data stories with other researchers. We are currently looking for speakers for the next event themed over the GDPR. Feel free to contact data.conversations@uni.lu if you would be interested in presenting (10 minutes lightning talks).


Data Conversations are a series of events jointly organised by the OpenAIRE infrastructure and the University of Luxembourg Library.

OpenAIRE is a pan-European project funded by the European Commission which has for mission to support and implement Open Science practices and infrastructures throughtout Europe. The National Open Acces Desk (NOAD) representative is there to help with any questions and queries around research publications, Open Access, data management, etc.

Other Data Conversations in the world

The concept of Data Conversations originates from Lancaster University Library (UK) which will held its fifth edition in April 2018. Be sure to check their blogposts about their previous Data Conversations events.