Shuttle Service

A book from another campus can come to yours...

  • All patrons registered with the BUL can use this service, except external users.
  • Only applies to books which can be borrowed and which belong to the BUL.
  • You can only reserve works (via which are not in your campus library.
  • The reserved item will be transferred to the chosen campus by the shuttle service. You will be informed by e-mail when it is available.
  • You can then pick-up the item at your campus library.



A bachelor student situated on the Kirchberg Campus would like to borrow a book from the Limpertsberg Library - without going to Limpertsberg.

  1. The student reserves the book via indicating that he/she would like to pick-up the book in Kirchberg.
  2. He/She receives an e-mail when the book has arrived in Kirchberg.
  3. The student can now pick-up the book at the reception desk of the Kirchberg Library.