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Rate your library experience!



Thank you to all the people who took the time to give us their feedback.

See you soon for the results of the survey and of the draw.

Information on the collection and processing of personal data in the context of the LibQUAL+ survey can be found in the Information for respondents notice.


Frequently asked questions

Why is the LLC running a satisfaction survey?


Three years after it opened (including one year marked by the Covid pandemic) the Luxembourg Learning Centre would like to get feedback from the university’s community regarding the print and electronic resources it has on offer, as well as the various services it provides. Moreover, the LLC wants to build its development policy for the years to come based on its community’s assessment. The survey covers various topics such as library spaces, print or online resources or how welcome you feel at the library.


What is a LibQUAL+ survey?


The LLC has chosen to use the LibQUAL+ survey protocol (LibQUAL stands for “Library Quality”), which was specifically designed for libraries by the ARL (Association of Research Libraries in North America) and the Texas A&M University.

The survey consists in an anonymous online questionnaire.

It gives you the possibility to express your opinion, your expectations and your needs regarding:

  • how welcome you feel when going to the library and how helpful the librarians are to you,
  • the services provided to you,
  • the library’s resources,
  • the facilities and equipment at your disposal

For the past 20 years, more than 1,300 libraries in 33 countries have conducted a LibQUAL+ survey (see the list of participants on the LibQUAL+ website (https://www.libqual.org/about/about_survey/participants ) putting its relevance for different types of academic libraries to the test. The survey is available in English, French and German and you can choose in what language you want to take the survey.


Who can answer the survey?


All members of the University of Luxembourg’s community are invited to fill out the questionnaire: students, academics, researchers as well as non-academic staff. External users are also encouraged to answer the survey but they will not be able to participate in the prize draw.

It doesn’t matter if you are a regular or once-a-year visitor, if you use the Luxembourg Learning Centre’s resources on a daily basis or less frequently: we are interested in every opinion!


Why should I take part in the survey?


By taking part in the survey:

  • you will be giving your opinion and telling us what really matters to you and what you expect from us
  • you will be showing your involvement in the university’s life
  • you will be a part of the Luxembourg Learning Centre’s evolution
  • you can take part in our prize draw and have a chance at winning a gift voucher… and who wouldn’t want to win a prize?


Do I have to answer all the questions?



You have to answer all the questions in the survey form to validate your contribution. If you don’t feel concerned by a question or if a question is about a service you have never tested, you will have to tick the N/A box (not applicable).

Some services are currently unavailable at the Luxembourg Learning Centre (especially the booking of working group rooms) due to the preventive sanitary measures related to the current pandemic. If you were a user of these services before they were suspended we invite you to rate them in the questionnaire.


Why do I have to rate each question three times?


For each proposition, you must indicate three different things:

  • your minimum service level: that is your lowest level of expectation regarding the library’s service. If it is not fulfilled, the service is inadequate.
  • your desired service level: that is the level of service in the library of your dreams. It cannot be lower than “your minimum service level”.
  • your perceived service performance: that is how you rate the LLC.

Thanks to these three different ratings, we will know what your primary expectations are, what your requirement level is and to what extent the LLC’s current offer is relevant to you.


Why are certain questions very similar?


You may find that certain questions in the survey are redundant or repetitive. These questions are intended to check that your answers are consistent and allow us to determine whether a questionnaire was filled out randomly or not. Take the time to answer seriously and honestly: incoherent questionnaires will not be validated and therefore cannot be considered for the prize draw.


How is the confidentiality of my answers guaranteed?


At no point will you be required to enter in the questionnaire any information with which you can be identified.

If you choose to enter the draw and therefore to give your email address at the end of the questionnaire, it will be separately stored from your answers when you validate the survey. From then on, it will be impossible to establish a link between your email address and the answers given in the questionnaire.

Once the draw is finished, all email addresses will be erased from the servers.

Moreover, the University of Luxembourg made sure that the LibQUAL+ protocol complies with EU data protection legislation (GDPR compliant) and signed a contract with the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) to supervise the use of the survey’s data.

For more information about the University of Luxembourg’s data protection policy, visit our website at: https://wwwen.uni.lu/university/data_protection/data_protection_policy_and_faq


How can I enter the prize draw?


If you want to enter the prize draw, just enter your University email address (firstname.name@uni.lu or firstname.name.00X@uni.lu or firstname.name@ext.uni.lu ) in the box provided to that end in the form. Be aware that, only validated questionnaires with a university email address will be considered!

Your questionnaire is valid if you have answered all the questions. If a question does not concern you, tick the N/A box (not applicable).

General conditions of the prize draw


What can I win? How will I be informed if I win?


By taking part in the prize draw, you might win one of the 30 gift vouchers of 30 euros we are giving away.

Winners will be contacted via the email address entered in the form. They will have three weeks from the date on which the email was sent to come and claim their prize at the LLC.

Be aware that to enter the draw, you must have completed the entire form and provided your university email address (firstname.name@uni.lu or firstname.name.00X@student.uni.lu or firstname.name@ext.uni.lu).

General conditions of the prize draw