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FAQ Covid-19

The LLC asks its visitors to observe basic hygienic protection rules that are essential in the fight against the virus:

  • Disinfect your hands when you enter the LLC and wash your hands regularly
  • Wearing of masks is optional, but not mandatory
  • Stay home if you don’t feel well or if you present any symptoms of COVID-19 and take a COVID-19 quick test

How can I contact the library and which services are still available?

I have a question concerning the library, its documents or services. How can I contact a librarian?

You can contact us through our “Ask a Librarian” service. Send us an e-mail to askalibrarian@uni.lu.

The librarians are committed to providing quality service and answering your questions.

The librarians are also available at the LLC at the Welcome Zone from Monday to Friday from 8:00 until 17:00 and Saturday from 10:00 until 17:00.

Which services of the library are still available?

All the services are available onsite and/or virtually.
All the electronic resources of the library are available through the library catalog www.a-z.lu.

Check out our website for more information or contact us via e-mail askalibrarian@uni.lu.

Your visit to the LLC

Can I study at the LLC?

Yes, individual workspaces as well as Group Work (GW) areas (2-8 persons only) are available. The Chill-Out Rooms and Silent Rooms are also open again. 

You can come to the LLC without a workspace reservation. The workspaces are freely available. Only the CUBES and the GW need to be reserved via Affluences.

How can I reserve my workspace at the LLC?

LLC is now accessible without prior reservation.

Workspaces no longer need to be reserved except for CUBES and GW.

I need to follow online classes for my studies. Is there a space dedicated for this at the LLC?

Yes, the CUBES on level -2 can be used to follow your online classes. Please bring your own headphones and laptop (or borrow one from the Laptop Lending machine on the ground floor of the LLC). CUBES need to be reserved via Affluences.

Are there specific health measures?

The University asks its staff, students, visitors and service providers to observe basic hygienic protection rules that are essential in the fight against the virus:

  • Wearing a mask is optional, but it is not mandatory.
  • Disinfecting products are available for users who wish to disinfect their workplaces.
  • Hydro-alcoholic gel stations are available at the entrance of the building as well as near the elevators.