Library Loans

Which books can I borrow and how much does it cost?

Most books in the library are openly accessible and can be borrowed free of charge.
Items in storage (CDs and DVDs) can also be borrowed; they can be reserved via your account.
However, books marked with a red label (e.g. reference works and books from course reading lists) and special collections (dissertations and PhD theses, UNI collection, BEI) cannot be borrowed.

How many books can I borrow and for how long?


Internal user : University students and staff

External user


Lending period

Books* :

3 months renewable once

Documents other than books :

 14 days, renewable twice


during the day (return ¼ an hour before closure of the library)

not renewable

Books* and other documents : 


14 days, renewable once

Number of documents that can be borrowed




Access to online documentation on

Yes after identification with library card number and password OR the UL computer account login

No access (unless registered with the BnL)

* If a book is reserved by someone else the due date will be adjusted. You will be notified by e-mail and will have 14 days to return the item.

Books = Monographies
Documents other than books = BD, DVD, CD
IT = Laptops

You can borrow and return your documents via the self-service machines.


Borrowing (on every floor)


Returning (in the Welcome zone)

How can I reserve an item?

Simply click on “Reservation” in the catalogue.

Two types of reservation are available and can be made directly through the catalogue:

  1. You can reserve new books that have been ordered. You will be informed by email when a new book is available to borrow from the library.
  2. You can reserve books that have already been taken out by another user. You will be informed by email when the book has been returned to the library.

How can I keep track of my library loans in progress?

Every user has an account in the catalogue.
You can consult this account to keep track of your current library loans.

How can I extend the loan period of borrowed documents?

You can log in to your user account to renew your borrowed items easily and automatically, until the scheduled return date.

You will receive an email informing you whether the renewal has been granted. For books, a further 3 months will be granted from the date of the renewal request. For comic books, DVDs and CDs, a further 14 or 30 days will be granted from the date of the renewal request.

The loan period of documents cannot be extended if another user has reserved them.

What is a recall ?

Recalls help to provide all users with fair access to resources. Someone else may request an item that you have out on loan. If this happens you will receive a recall notice by email. You will have 14 days to return a recalled item. 

If you wish to take out a book that is already on loan, make sure you request it!

What are the penalties if an item is returned late?

If a user is late in returning borrowed items from the library, his or her borrowing privileges will be suspended for a period equivalent to the number of days late.

To suggest a book or journal that you would like the library to purchase: