Book a Librarian


The Book a Librarian service (BaL) is a personalised reference service for the members of the University of Luxembourg managed and performed by the library of the University of Luxembourg.
The service is offered upon request.

The librarian will show how to find certain information and how to work collaboratively together with the user to expand their autonomy in reaching their research goals.


What we offer

The BaL services comprises the following offers:

  • Explanations on how to use the online catalogue
  • General research of literature and how to access documents
  • Subject-Specific Literature Research (introduction into specific databases)
  • We cannot offer advice or provide data for medical, legal, financial, business or personal transactions (contracts, agreements, enrollments, travel, online purchase)
  • We cannot help you to set up or install software on your personal devices
  • We cannot write your references or correct your written work


How to contact us

  • The request has to be made via
  • The user is requested to communicate the necessary personal information as well as to mention the relevant information need
  • We commit to contacting the user within 3 working days

Who is eligible?

  • We offer our advice only to members of the University of Luxembourg
  • We offer help to up to 3 people at once. If the group is bigger, the interested users contact to set up a training course.

When will the appointment take place?

  • Appointment is offered from Monday to Saturday between 10.00 to 17.00 (only on days when the library is open)
  • The user must confirm at least 48h before
  • If a confirmed appointment cannot be met, the user must cancel the appointment beforehand
  • The duration is limited to maximum 60 minutes
  • Only one appointment per week per user


Where is the appointment happening?

  • The user is requested to arrive on time at the Meeting Point in the Welcome Zone of the Luxembourg Learning Centre (LLC)
  • The appointment is also possible online on Teams

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