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A Platform for PhD Students and Young Researchers

University of Luxembourg PhD students and post-docs have assembled an organisation called LuxDoc Association to address the concerns and interests of doctoral students and junior researchers. Read on to find out about this new and interesting association.

LuxDoc is an organisation of PhD students and junior researchers aimed to address the concerns and interests of PhD students and researchers across all of Luxembourg.  Initially founded in 2011 by University of Luxembourg graduate students, LuxDoc has succeeded in establishing close contacts with different scientific institutions in Luxembourg, including Centres de Recherche Publics (CRP) and Fonds National de la Recherche (FNR) and a close relationship with Euraxess, portal for job information and practical assistance for researchers moving to and from Luxembourg. Currently, LuxDoc is pursuing relationships with other graduate student organisations on an international level. 

The main objectives of LuxDoc are to represent and defend the interests of PhD students and any young researchers in Luxembourg with respect to training, research and career opportunities, collaborate with respective authorities to improve studying and working conditions for PhD students, participate in ongoing political and scientific discussions and provide career support for young researchers. Recently, a delegation of LuxDoc members met with MPs of the Parliament’s Commission of Higher Education and Research regarding its opinion on the on-going negotiations around the government bill 6283 modifiant la loi portant création de l’Université du Luxembourg and its corresponding articles on the regulation of PhD training. Through these types of connections and activities, this association will have a powerful voice in the future.    

For its members, LuxDoc wants to be a social as well as a scientific exchange platform. LuxDoc organises regular social get-togethers to stimulate networking and idea exchange. 

Next social event will be held on Thursday 29 March 2012, at 19.00h at The Tube in Luxembourg and interested new members are encouraged to come out or visit www.luxdoc.org for more information.