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Faculty of Science, Technology and Communication

Faculty of Law, Economics and  Finance

Research Unit in Law

  • Pascal Ancel (Prof.)
    Civil Proceedings, Contract, Security and Comparative Law
    Speaks: French, German
  • Stefan Braum (Prof., Dean of the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance)
    Criminal Law, Criminal Proceedings, Philosophy of Criminal Law, Criminology
    Speaks: English, French, German
  • Mark Cole (Prof.)
    Media Law, Freedom of Expression, Intellectual Property Law, European and Constitutional Law
    Speaks: German, English
  • Pierre-Henri Conac (Prof.)
    Company Law, Financial and Securities Regulation
    Speaks: French, English
  • Isabelle Corbisier (Lecturer)
    Company Law, European Company Law, Luxembourg and Belgian Law, Contract Law
    Speaks: French, English, Dutch, German, Spanish
  • Gilles Cuniberti (Prof.)
    Company Law, International Dispute Resolution, Conflict of Laws, International Commercial Arbitration
    Speaks: French, English
  • Jörg Gerkrath (Prof.)
    European Constitutional Law, International Market Law, Fundamental Rights
    Speaks: German, French, English
  • Matthew Happold (Prof.)
    Public International Law, International Investment Arbitration and Human Rights Law
    Speaks: English, French
  • Luc Heuschling (Prof.)
    Constitutional and Administrative Law
    Speaks: French, English, German, Luxembourgish
  • David Hiez (Prof.)
    Civil Law, Law of the Social Economy, Jurisprudence, Cooperative Law, European Private Law
    Speaks: French, English
  • Herwig Hofmann (Prof.)
    European Union Law, International Economic and Transnational Law, Regulation
    Speaks: German, English, French
  • Mahulena Hofmann (Prof.)
    European Union Law, International Economic and Transnational Law, Regulation
    Speaks: German, English, Czech, Russian
  • Katalin Ligeti (Assoc.-Prof.)
    Criminal Law, Comparative Criminal Procedure, Juvenile Justice, Criminal Policy
    Speaks: German, English, French
  • Corrado Malberti (Assoc.-Prof.)
    Italian, European and Comparative Company Law and Securities Regulation, European Competition Law
    Speaks: Italian, English, French
  • Elise Poillot (Prof.)
    European Private Law, Comparative Law, Private Law
    Speaks: French, English, Italian, German
  • André Prüm (Prof.)
    Banking and Financial Law, Business Law, European Contract Law, Luxembourg Law
    Speaks: French, English, German, Luxembourgish
  • Isabelle Riassetto (Prof.)
    Asset Management Law, Collective Investment Schemes (OPC),  Corporate Law, Financial Market Law, Socially Responsible Investment
    Speaks: French, English
  • Johan Van Der Walt (Prof.)
    Philosophy of Law
    Speaks: English, Afrikaans, German

Center for Research in Economics and Management

  • Michel Beine (Prof.)
    International Migration, Brain Drain, Exchange Rate Markets, Asset Price Comovements, Economic Integration
    Speaks: French, English
  • Luisito Bertinelli (Assoc.-Prof.)
    Environmental and Development Economics, Spatial Economics
    Speaks: French, English
  • Arnaud Bourgain (Assoc.-Prof.)
    Economic Integration, Competitiveness, Financial Centers, Development
    Speaks: French, English
  • Denise Fletcher (Prof.)
    Developing Sociological Understandings of Entrepreneurial Forms of Work
    Speaks: English
  • Andreas Irmen (Prof.)
    Population Aging and Economic Performance, Public Pensions and Demographic Change, Economic Growth
    Speaks: German, English, French
  • Nicolas Jonard (Assoc.-Prof.)
    Economics of Knowledge, Social Networks and Innovation, Network Structure and Performance, Dynamics of Consumption and Social Status, Interacting Agent Models
    Speaks: French, English
  • Anke Müßig (Prof.)
    Auditing, Audit Market, Audit Quality, Expectation Gap, Risk Reporting, Financial Accounting, Accounting Conservatism
    Speaks: German, French, English
  • Pierre Picard (Prof.)
    Public Economics, Industrial Organization, Spatial and Regional Economics, Economic Geography
    Speaks: French, English, Dutch, Spanish
  • Patrice Pieretti (Prof.)
    Spatial Economics, Small Open Economies, Competition and Attractiveness of Jurisdictions, Determinants of Growth, Macroeconomic Modelling
    Speaks: English, French
  • Henri Sneessens (Prof.)
    Labour Policy, Monetary Policy
    Speaks: French, English
  • Sten Söderman (visiting professor)
    Entrepreneurial international business, Market strategy development and implementation
    Speaks: English, Swedish
  • Virginie Terraza (Assoc.-Prof.)
    Risk Management
    Speaks: French, English
  • Gautam Tripathi (Prof.)
    Econometrics and statistics
    Speaks: English
  • Skerdilajda Zanaj (Assoc.-Prof.)
    International Economics, Merger control, Public finance, Spatial and Environmental economics
    Speaks: English, Italian, Albanian, French
  • Benteng Zou (Assoc.-Prof.)
    Optimisation Theory and Differential Game, Economic Growth, Environmental Economics, Foreign Direct Investment, Internation Migration
    Speaks: English, French, Chinese

Luxembourg School of Finance

Faculty of Language and Literature, Humanities, Arts and Education

  • Christel Baltes Löhr (Assoc.-Prof.)
    Gender, Migration, Identities, Education, Performance
    Speaks: English, French, German, Luxembourgish
  • Andrea Binsfeld (Assoc.-Prof.)
    History of the Greater-Region in Ancient Times, Social History (esp. Ancient Slavery), Late Antiquity, Christian Archaeology
    Speaks: German, English, French
  • Geoffrey Caruso (Assoc.-Prof.)
    Geographic Information Systems, Cartography, Urban Analysis
    Speaks: French, English
  • Marion Colas-Blaise (Prof.)
    Semiotics, Stylistics, Linguistics (Enunciation Theories), Discourse Analysis
    Speaks: French, German, English, Luxembourgish
  • Sabine Ehrhart (Assoc.-Prof.)
    Language Ecology and Ethnolinguistics
    Speaks: German, French, English
  • Pascale Engel de Abreu (Ass.-Prof.)
    Cognitive Development, Neurodevelopmental Disorders, Executive Functions, Working Memory, Phonological Awareness, Language Development, Multilingualism
    Speaks: English, Luxembourgish, Portuguese
  • Dieter Ferring (Prof.)
    Psychology, Social Studies
    Speaks: German, English, French, Luxembourgish
  • Sylvie Freyermuth (Prof.)
    Stylistics, Rhetorics, Pragmatics, Discourse Analysis, French Literature of XXth-XXIst Centuries
    Speaks: French, English
  • Peter Gilles (Prof.)
    Linguistics (especially phonetics/phonology, prosody, language history), Sociolinguistics, Language Variation (social and/or regional), Language and Media, Language Technology
    Speaks: German, English, Luxembourgish
  • Andreas Hadjar (Assoc.-Prof.)
    Sociology of Education, Political Sociology
    Speaks: German, English
  • Robert Harmsen (Prof.)
    European Public Policy, Europeanisation, Euroscepticism, Comparative Politics (Europe/North America), Human Rights
    Speaks: English, French
  • Dietmar Heidemann (Prof.)
    Modern and Contemporary Philosophy, esp. Kant, German Idealism, Epistemology, Philosophy of Mind and Subjectivity, Metaphysics
    Speaks: German, English, French
  • Dieter Heimböckel (Prof.)
    New German Literature from the 18th century to the present, Interculturality, Literary Theory, Poetics of Literary Genres, Modernity
    Speaks: German, English, Italian, French
  • Markus Hesse (Prof.)
    Urban Studies, Spatial Planning and Policy, Economic Geography, Logistics
    Speaks: German, English, French, Portuguese
  • Frank Hofmann (Prof.)
    Systematic Contemporary Philosophy, Epistemology, Philosophy of Mind, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Language
    Speaks: German, English
  • Adelheid Hu (Prof.)
    Multilingual Learning and Literacies
    Speaks: German, English, French
  • Priem Karin (Assoc.-Prof.)
    Visual and Material History of Education, Cultural Anthropology
    Speaks: German, English
  • Sonja Kmec (Assoc.-Prof.)
    Cultural Studies, Gender Studies, Memory Studies, Luxembourg Studies, European History (16th-21st centuries)
    Speaks: German, English, French
  • Harlan Koff (Assoc.-Prof.)
    Comparative Border Politics, Comparative Immigration Politics, Comparative Regional Integration, International Human Rights, Human Security
    Speaks: English, French
  • Sabine Krolak-Schwerdt (Prof.)
    Educational Psychology and Diagnostics Competencies of Teachers
    Speaks: German, English
  • Jean-Paul Lehners (Prof.)
    Global history, Historical Demography, Human Rights, History of Participation and Democratisation
    Speaks: French, English, German, Luxembourgish
  • René Leboutte (Prof.)
    Economic and Social History of 20th Century Europe, European Integration, Comparative History of Industrialisation, History of Technology (steel industry, coalmining)
    Speaks: French, English
  • Benoît Majerus (Prof.)
    History of Medicine, World War One and Two
    Speaks: German, Luxembourgish, English, French
  • Romain Martin (Prof.)
    Cognitive Neuroscience, Education, Behavorial Studies
    Speaks: French, German, English, Luxembourgish
  • Charles Max (Prof.)
    Learning and Interacting through Digital Media Technologies
    Speaks: German, Luxembourgish, English, French
  • Georg Mein (Prof., Dean of the Faculty of Language and Literature, Humanities, Arts and Education)
    18th to 21th Century Poetry and Aesthetics, Literary Theory, Theory and History of Media
    Speaks: German, English
  • Michel Pauly (Prof.)
    Urban History, Social and Economic Medieval History, 14th Century, Migration, History of Luxembourg, Greater-Region SaarLorLux
    Speaks: German, French, Luxembourgish, English, Italian
  • Philippe Poirier (Senior Lecturer)
    European Politics, Comparative Politics, Legislative Studies, Politics and Religion
    Speaks: English, French, Italian
  • Damien Sagrillo (Assoc.-Prof.)
    Musicologie, Histoire de la musique au Luxembourg, Musique et indentités, Éducation musicale, Musical performance
    Speaks: Luxembourgish, German, French, English
  • Ingrid De Saint-Georges (Assoc.-Prof.)
    Socio and Applied Linguistics, Workplace Learning and Communication
    Speaks: French, English, Spanish
  • Christian Schulz (Prof.)
    Geography, Spatial Planning, Sustainability Issues
    Speaks: French, German, English, Luxembourgish
  • Lukas Sosoe (Prof.)
    Contemporary Political Philosophy, Ethics, Legal Theory, European Studies
    Speaks: French, English, German
  • Heinz Sieburg (Assoc.-Prof.)
    Middle high German Language and Literature, Sociolinguistics (German dialects, Gender studies), Word Formation, German Language in Luxembourg
    Speaks: German
  • Patrick Sunnen (Assoc.-Prof.)
    Collaborative Learning Processes
    Speaks: German, Luxembourgish, English, French
  • Robert Theis (Prof.)
    History of Philosophy: Kant, Wolff, German Enlightenment, Anselm of Canterbury
    Speaks: French, German, Luxembourgish
  • Daniel Tröhler (Prof.)
    Multilingualism, History of Education
    Speaks: German, English
  • Jean-Jacques Weber (Prof.)
    Multilingualism and Education, Language Policy
    Speaks: German, Luxembourgish, English, French
  • Frank Wilhelm (Prof.)
    Littérature romantique française, Victor Hugo ; écriture romanesque et écriture de l'intime ; littérature comparée, imagologie littéraire du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg ; littératures francophones
    Speaks: French

Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT)

Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine (LCSB)