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Luxembourg’s research university – a dynamic driving force behind an innovative country

Luxembourg has been shaping up for the future and is reinventing itself once again. There is something of a tradition here and this time the emphasis is on education, research and innovation, which are defined in the Government’s strategy as the cornerstones for the future.

The University of Luxembourg is right at the centre of this "new Luxembourg". It is the driving force behind the emerging knowledge-based society – and is working at full capacity. Founded only in 2003, the University has developed into a dynamic institution of higher education and research, which has lived up to its own expectations: the University combines international excellence with local relevance, enables technology transfer through industry cooperation and spin-offs, gives policy advice, provides first-class education, and conducts interdisciplinary research.



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Please find here a choice of portraits and story ideas, illustrating the range of work going on in our University:


    -   Research on Europe;
    -   Research on Multilingualism;
    -   Society and Humanities;
    -   Research on Biomedicine;
    -   Research on ICT Security;
    -   Research on International Finance;
    -   Research on Engineering;
    -   and more story ideas.


Catch a glimpse at how robots can welcome and interact with museum visitors!


Check more live presentations picking any topic from our videos on research.


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New insights about teaching and research "made in Luxembourg"

Multilingual study programmes: our bachelors, masters and doctoral education are generally bilingual (French/English – French/German). Some are trilingual and some are taught entirely in English. Furthermore, the University is offering six "European Masters", that is Master programmes with a focus on Europe.

Keep visiting us! Since September 2015, the new Belval Campus "belongs" to University students. Belval is one of the most ambitious urban development projects in Europe. It is definitely well worth a visit. Welcome to Luxembourg!



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Photos in this section: © University of Luxembourg – Michel Brumat