The project will gather comparable data on immigration law and policy in 26 countries between 1960 and 2010. The data set will be developed by a Luxembourg based team of researchers in collaboration with teams of researchers in the USA (Harvard University), the Netherlands (Amsterdam University), the United Kingdom (London School of Economics) and Australia (Sydney University). The project will combine expertise from legal scholars, political scientists, economists, and demographers. We will examine seven major categories of immigration law and policy, covering the economic immigration, family immigration, students’ immigration, acquisition and loss of citizenship, humanitarian protection, preferential bilateral agreements and policies relating to undocumented migration.

The Luxembourgish team will be in charge of the coding for four countries: Luxembourg, Germany, France and Switzerland. We intend to code the immigration policies for those four countries for the major turning years from 1960 onwards and for the seven categories of immigration policy. The data collected will be integrated in the international database covering the 26 major destination countries in terms of immigration.












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