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Satellite Communications and Space Law




credits: SES


In depth research and teaching in the field of Satellite Communications and Space Law at the University of Luxembourg commenced with the establishment of the SES Chair in Satellite Communication and Media Law in 2011. Our work encompasses a vast array of topics and activities in the field, including the hosting of an Annual Workshop on SatCom & Space Law, a Master’s programme option, participation in major conferences and publications.  Located at the heart of Europe and next door to many companies and institutions, active in the SatCom & Space Law field, we benefit from unique research and cooperation opportunities.

The Master’s option in Satellite Communications and Media Law includes both theoretical and practical components, further facilitated by our close relationship to SES, which provides an excellent opportunity to experience first hand the works of a global operator. Regular contacts between the Chair and the SES staff, lectures by SES specialists, student seminars at the premises of the company, possibilities for internships, are only some examples of the fruitful mutual cooperation. Additionally, last year, our students took part in the prestigious  Manfred Lachs Moot Court  competition and won the second place in the European round as well as the Award for “Best Newcomer”.

The scientific part of the activities of the Chair is focused on pertinent, recent legal problems connected with space communications: the development of the ITU regulatory framework, the law of outer space, relevant European directives and regulations as well as pertinent national legislation. Our aim is to establish a regular platform for international academic discourse of these issues in Luxembourg. We have already organized two International Interdisciplinary Workshops and are currently in the process of  preparing a third one on the legal problems of harmful interference.

In its activities, the Chair is cooperating closely with the University’s Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT), as well as with external institutions such as the International Telecommunication Union and the International Institute of Space Law.