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A Framework for Mobile Learning Integration

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Speaker: Prof. Dr. Helen Crompton (Old Dominion University, Virginia, USA)
Event date: Tuesday, 30 May 2017, 16:00 - 18:00
Place: Campus Belval, Maison du Savoir, MSA 4.410

Pedagogical practice has risen from a nebulous blend of rituals, traditions and beliefs built over time. The affordances of recent digital technologies have conflicted with those practices as 21st century tools are used with 20th century teaching methods. This problem is amplified with mobile technologies that push beyond the boundaries of traditional pedagogies. This requires educators to shed old beliefs and ideas to make way for a new contextualized, ubiquitous mobile learning landscape. The speaker presents a framework for how educators integrate mobile devices for learning and an ecological theory of mobile learning integration.

Dr. Helen Crompton is a Professor of Instructional Technology at Old Dominion University, Virginia, USA. She is a highly experienced researcher, educator, author and presenter in the field of educational technology. She draws from over 20 years in education and a PhD in educational technology and mathematics education from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Dr. Crompton has won numerous awards in the USA and her home country England. Dr. Crompton has worked with UNESCO and ITU, two divisions of the United Nations, and the International Society for Technology in Education. Dr. Crompton has presented at national and international conferences on the topic of educational technology and published articles, book chapters, and white papers in this field.

Contact: Robert Reuter (robert.reuter@uni.lu)

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