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PEARL Institute for Research on Socio-Economic Inequality (IRSEI)





Founded in 2013 after a multi-million Euro grant from the Programme Excellence Award for Research in Luxembourg (PEARL) by the National Research Fund (FNR), the Institute for Research on Socio-Economic Inequality (IRSEI) focuses on a national research priority: the study of socio-economic inequality.

We aim to uncover the new processes of transformations of inequalities by means of demographic, economic, psychological as well as sociological analysis. Social stratification is not fixed forever and is a meta-stable system where apparent stability is based on permanent changes.





We analyze the dynamics of the social replacement of generations, the complicated changing balance between earnings and wealth, competition between countries with different levels of inequalities and living standards in a globalized world

We aim at a better understanding of individual well-being and socio-economic inequalities in Luxembourg, the Grande Region, and the 28 countries of the European Union in a globalized perspective. What is the reality of inequality in Luxembourg in the context of other comparable countries? Can we explain its particular situation inside the big picture of Western societies, what are its causes and consequences?

We wish to attract interest in these topics from other Luxembourgish, European and international actors, such as students, the scientific community as well as civil society.


In April 2018, the team of Professor Michèle Baumann joined The Pearl Institute. This group explores the effects of socio-cultural and physical environmental determinants on quality of life, health capability, social suffering and drug uses, and satisfaction with available resources. It provides a complementary research approach on Health Inequality to the Institute.