EPTV - EPT Vehicular Networks

A standard for vehicular ad hoc networks is expected during 2011. Within 15-20 years road transportation systems will be much different comparing to how we perceive them today – with intelligent vehicles as autonomous entities interacting with each other on the road.  A main goal will be to increase traffic safety and reduce the environmental impact of the vehicular transportation system. the vision of the proposed research project is to develop efficient, secure and reliable communication networks to enable the transformation of the vehicular transport system of today to a greener, smarter and safer system. recent advances in sensor technology, low power electronics, radio-frequency devices, wireless communications, security and networking have enabled  the engineering of intelligent vehicles and intelligent transport infrastructure, which have the potential to drastically increase road safety, decrease cost of transportation and contribute to a sustainable environment. This research will address 3 main areas of vehicular networks:

  1. Sensor and Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
  2. Embedded Systems
  3. Applications and Services