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Computational Sciences

Computational Sciences (CS) are the interdisciplinary combination of mathematical modelling and computer science/computer engineering with specific applications to various scientific domains such as physics, engineering and life sciences.

With the emergence of scalable High Performance Computing (HPC) solutions and grid and cloud computing, CS are becoming feasible and reasonable for an exploding set of application domains. With the help of advanced mathematical modelling and analysis and the necessary computing capabilities, not only are classical scientific problems being solved much faster, but also challenging problem classes that were previously beyond our access can now be addressed.

Computational Sciences are at the heart of the University of Luxembourg’s key research challenges, combining mathematical competences with computer science tools and algorithms, industrial application expertise from engineering, empirical software engineering, and empirical disciplines such as condensed matter physics, life sciences, geophysics, social sciences, psychology, finance and economics.

The following research activities are currently covered:

  • Computational Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Bioinformatics and Systems Biology
  • Computer Science and Big Data
  • Computational Materials Science