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Ana-Maria Simionovici

Ana-Maria Simionovici
Postal Address Université du Luxembourg
2, Avenue de l'Université
L-4365 Esch-sur-Alzette
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See detailVoIP Service Model for Multi-objective Scheduling in Cloud Infrastructure
Cortés-Mendoza, Jorge M.; Tchernykh; Simionovici, Ana-Maria; Bouvry, Pascal; Nesmachnow, Sergio; Dorronsoro, Bernabe

in International Journal of Metaheuristics (2015), 4(2), 185-203

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See detailDistributed Adaptive VoIP Load Balancing in Hybrid Clouds
Cortés-Mendoza, Jorge Mario; Tchernykh, Andrei; Drozdov, Alexander; Bouvry, Pascal; Simionovici, Ana-Maria; Kliazovich, Dzmitry; Avetisyan, Arutyun

Scientific Conference (2015, September)

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See detailVoIP Traffic Modelling using Gaussian Mixture Models, Gaussian Processes and Interactive Particle Algorithms
Simionovici, Ana-Maria; Tantar, Alexandru; Bouvry, Pascal; Tchernykh, Andrei; Cortes-Mendoza, Jorge Mario; Didelot, Loic

Scientific Conference (2015, December 05)

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See detailDynamic MixVoIP
Simionovici, Ana-Maria; Tantar, Alexandru; Bouvry, Pascal

Scientific Conference (2013, July)

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See detailPredictive Modeling in a VoIP System
Simionovici, Ana-Maria; Tantar, Alexandru; Bouvry, Pascal; Didelot, Loic

in Journal of Telecommunications and Information Technology (2013), 4

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