Emil Weydert

Emil Weydert

Research scientist

Faculty or Centre Faculty of Science, Technology and Medicine
Department Department of Computer Science
Postal Address Université du Luxembourg
Maison du Nombre
6, Avenue de la Fonte
L-4364 Esch-sur-Alzette
Campus Office MNO, E03 0345-050
Telephone (+352) 46 66 44 5276

Curriculum Vitae

PhD in Mathematics, University of Bonn, 1988

Postdoc - Institute for Computational Linguistics, Stuttgart, 1988-1993

Researcher/lecturer - Max Planck Institute for Computer Science, Saarbrücken, 1993-2002

Researcher at the University of Luxembourg, 2002-now

Co-founder of the Interdisciplinary Lab for Intelligent and Adaptive Systems, 2004

Senior Researcher at the Individual and Collective Reasoning Group, 2008-now


Research interests

  • Theoretical Foundations of Artificial Intelligence
  • Foundations of mathematics, especially set theory
  • Logic and Knowledge Representation
  • Nonmonotonic Reasoning
  • Logic of Scientific Reasoning
  • Cognitive Dynamics 



SEMARG - Nonmonotonic Semantics of Argumentation 

RATARCH - Rational Architecture



Selected Topics in Artificial Intelligence,

Intelligent Agents I (Knowledge Representation)


Note: For technical and principled reasons, the following list of publications is currently quite incomplete.

Last updated on: Thursday, 26 November 2015

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Full Text
See detailInteractions Between Defaults and Roles in Defeasible Description Logics
Kaliski, Adam; Weydert, Emil

Scientific Conference (2022, August 18)

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Full Text
See detailOn the Strength of Defeasible Inference Trees
Weydert, Emil

Presentation (2021)

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Full Text
See detailKurt Gödel and the Foundations of Set Theory
Weydert, Emil

Presentation (2019, February 27)

Full Text
See detailRevelations on Reasoning with and about Defaults
Weydert, Emil

Presentation (2019, January 15)

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Full Text
See detailABCDE Tutorial LuxLogAI 2018 - Default entailment course
Weydert, Emil

Scientific Conference (2018)

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Full Text
See detailA Multiverse Axiom Induction Framework
Weydert, Emil

in Symposium on the Theoretical Foundations of Mathematics III (2015, September 23)

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Full Text
See detailA Plausibility Semantics for Abstract Argumentation Frameworks
Weydert, Emil

in Konieczny, Sébastien; Tompits, Hans (Eds.) Proceedings of the 15th International Workshop on Non-Monotonic Reasoning (NMR 2014) (2014)

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See detailOn the plausibility of abstract arguments
Weydert, Emil

in van der Gaag, Linda (Ed.) Symbolic and Quantitative Approaches to Reasoning with Uncertainty (2013)

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Full Text
See detailConditional Ranking Revision - Iterated Revision with Sets of Conditionals
Weydert, Emil

in Journal of Philosophical Logic (2012), 41(1), 237-271

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See detailOn the Acceptability of Incompatible Arguments
Kaci, Souhila; van der Torre, Leon; Weydert, Emil

in Symbolic and Quantitative Approaches to Reasoning with Uncertainty, 9th European Conference, ECSQARU 2007, Hammamet, Tunisia, October 31 – November 2, 2007, Proceedings (2007)

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See detailAcyclic Argumentation: Attack = Conflict + Preference
Kaci, S.; van der Torre, Leon; Weydert, Emil

in Acyclic Argumentation: Attack = Conflict + Preference (2006)

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