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Dr. Christiane Wurth-Margue

Christiane Wurth-Margue

Research scientist

Faculty or Centre Faculty of Science, Technology and Medicine
Department Department of Life Sciences and Medicine
Postal Address Université du Luxembourg
6, avenue du Swing
L-4367 Belvaux
Campus Office BioTech II, 4.25
Telephone (+352) 46 66 44 6433
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See detailCross-Linking Ligation and Sequencing of Hybrids (qCLASH) Reveals an Unpredicted miRNA Targetome in Melanoma Cells
Kozar, Ines; Philippidou, Demetra; Margue, Christiane; Gay, Lauren; Renne, Rolf; Kreis, Stephanie

in Cancers (2021)

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See detailNRAS mutant melanoma: Towards better therapies
Randic, Tijana; Kozar, Ines; Margue, Christiane; Utikal, Jochen; Kreis, Stephanie

in Cancer Treatment Reviews (2021), 99

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See detailSystematic transcriptional profiling of responses to STAT1- and STAT3- activating cytokines in different cancer types
Kirchmeyer, Mélanie; Servais, Florence; Ginolhac, Aurélien; Nazarov, Petr V.; Margue, Christiane; Philippidou, Demetra; Nicot, Nathalie; Behrmann, Iris; Haan, Claude; Kreis, Stephanie

in Journal of Molecular Biology (2020)

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See detailHypoxia-Induced Adaptations of miRNomes and Proteomes in Melanoma Cells and Their Secreted Extracellular Vesicles
Walbrecq, Geoffroy; Lecha, Odile; Gaigneaux, Anthoula; Fougeras, Miriam R .; Philippidou, Demetra; Margue, Christiane; Tetsi Nomigni, Milène; Bernardin, François; Dittmar, Gunnar; Behrmann, Iris; Kreis, Stephanie

in Cancers (2020)

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See detailDistinct Cargos of Small Extracellular Vesicles Derived from Hypoxic Cells and Their Effect on Cancer Cells
Walbrecq, Geoffroy; Margue, Christiane; Behrmann, Iris; Kreis, Stephanie

in International Journal of Molecular Sciences (2020)

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See detailMany ways to resistance: How melanoma cells evade targeted therapies
Kozar, Ines; Margue, Christiane; Rothengatter, Sonja; Haan, Claude; Kreis, Stephanie

in Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - Reviews on Cancer (2019), 1871(2), 313-322

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See detailKinase inhibitor library screening identifies synergistic drug combinations effective in sensitive and resistant melanoma cells
Margue, Christiane; Philippidou, Demetra; Kozar, Ines; Cesi, Giulia; Felten, Paul; Kulms, Dagmar; Letellier, Elisabeth; Haan, Claude; Kreis, Stephanie

in Journal of Experimental and Clinical Cancer Research (2019), 38(1),

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See detailThe PD-L1- and IL6-mediated dampening of the IL27/STAT1 anticancer responses are prevented by a-PD-L1 or a-IL6 antibodies
Rolvering, Catherine; Zimmer, Andreas David; Ginolhac, Aurélien; Margue, Christiane; Kirchmeyer, Mélanie; Servais, Florence; Hermanns, Heike M.; Hergovits, Sabine; Nazarov, Petr V.; Nicot, Nathalie; Kreis, Stephanie; Haan, Serge; Behrmann, Iris; Haan, Claude

in Journal of Leukocyte Biology (2018), 104

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See detailImpact of BRAF kinase inhibitors on the miRNomes and transcriptomes of melanoma cells
Kreis, Stephanie; Kozar, Ines; Cesi, Giulia; Margue, Christiane; Philippidou, Demetra

in Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (2017)

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See detailTransferring intercellular signals and traits between cancer cells: extracellular vesicles as "homing pigeons"
Cesi, Giulia; Walbrecq, Geoffroy; Margue, Christiane; Kreis, Stephanie

in Cell Communication and Signaling (2016), 14(1), 13

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See detailThe TAT-RasGAP317-326 anti-cancer peptide can kill in a caspase-, apoptosis-, and necroptosis-independent manner
Heulot, Mathieu; Chevalier, Nadja; Puyal, Julien; Margue, Christiane; Michel, Sébastien; Kreis, Stephanie; Kulms, Dagmar; Barras, David; Nahimana, Aimable; Widmann, Christian

in Oncotarget (2016), 7(39),

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See detailCirculating microRNAs as candidate biomarkers for the surveillance of melanoma patients
Behrmann, Iris; Margue, Christiane; Kreis, Stephanie

in EBioMedicine (2015)

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See detailComparison of a healthy miRNome with melanoma patient miRNomes: are microRNAs suitable serum biomarkers for cancer?
Margue, Christiane; Reinsbach, Susanne; Philippidou, Demetra; Beaume, Nicolas; Walters, Casandra; Schneider, Jochen; Nashan, Dorothee; Behrmann, Iris; Kreis, Stephanie

in Oncotarget (2015), 6(14), 12110-27

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See detailNew Target Genes of MITF-Induced microRNA-211 Contribute to Melanoma Cell Invasion
Margue, Christiane; Philippidou, Demetra; Reinsbach, Susanne; Schmitt, Martina; Behrmann, Iris; Kreis, Stephanie

in PLoS ONE (2013), 8(9),

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See detailInterferon-γ-induced activation of Signal Transducer and Activator of Transcription 1 (STAT1) up-regulates the tumor suppressing microRNA-29 family in melanoma cells
Schmitt, Martina J.; Philippidou, Demetra; Reinsbach, Susanne; Margue, Christiane; Wienecke-Baldacchino, Anke; Nashan, Dorothee; Behrmann, Iris; Kreis, Stephanie

in Cell Communication and Signaling (2012), 10

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See detailMiRNA-29: A microRNA family with tumor-suppressing and immune-modulating properties
Schmitt, Martina; Margue, Christiane; Behrmann, Iris; Kreis, Stephanie

in Current Molecular Medicine (2012), 13(4), 572-585

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See detailIL-24: Physiological and supraphysiological effects on normal and malignant cells
Margue, Christiane; Kreis, Stephanie

in Current Medicinal Chemistry (2010), 17(29), 3318-3326

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See detailSignatures of MicroRNAs and selected MicroRNA target genes in human melanoma
Philippidou, Demetra; Schmitt, Martina; Moser, Dirk; Margue, Christiane; Nazarov, Petr V.; Muller, Arnaud; Vallar, Laurent; Nashan, Dorothee; Behrmann, Iris; Kreis, Stephanie

in Cancer Research (2010), 70(10), 4163-4173

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See detailDual role of the Jak1 FERM and kinase domains in cytokine receptor binding and in stimulation-dependent Jak activation
Haan, Serge; Margue, Christiane; Engrand, A.; Rolvering, Catherine; Schmitz-Van de Leur, H.; Heinrich, P. C.; Behrmann, Iris; Haan, Claude

in Journal of Immunology (2008), 180(2), 998-1007

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See detailIL-24: a classic cytokine and/or a potential cure for cancer?
Kreis, Stephanie; Philippidou, Demetra; Margue, Christiane; Behrmann, Iris

in Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine (2008), 12(6A), 2505-2510

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See detailRecombinant interleukin-24 lacks apoptosis-inducing properties in melanoma cells
Kreis, Stephanie; Philippidou, Demetra; Margue, Christiane; Rolvering, Catherine; Haan, Claude; Dumoutier, Laure; Renauld, Jean-Christophe; Behrmann, Iris

in PLoS ONE (2007), 2(12), 1300

See detailComplete loss of PTEN expression as a possible early prognostic marker for prostate cancer metastasis.
Schmitz, Martine; Grignard, Gerard; Margue, Christiane; Dippel, Walter; Capesius, Catherine; Mossong, Joel; Nathan, Michel; Giacchi, Sandro; Scheiden, Rene; Kieffer, Nelly

in International Journal of Cancer (2007), 120(6), 1284-92

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See detailJaks and cytokine receptors - an intimate relationship
Haan, Claude; Kreis, Stephanie; Margue, Christiane; Behrmann, Iris

in Biochemical Pharmacology (2006), 72(11), 1538-46

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See detailIntegrin alpha(v)beta3 expression confers on tumor cells a greater propensity to metastasize to bone.
Pecheur, Isabelle; Peyruchaud, Olivier; Serre, Claire-Marie; Guglielmi, Julien; Voland, Carole; Bourre, Francois; Margue, Christiane; Cohen-Solal, Martine; Buffet, Annie; Kieffer, Nelly; Clezardin, Philippe

in FASEB Journal (2002), 16(10), 1266-8

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See detailTranscriptional modulation of the anti-apoptotic protein BCL-XL by the paired box transcription factors PAX3 and PAX3/FKHR
Margue, Christiane; Bernasconi, Michele; Barr, Frederik; Schäfer, Beat

in Oncogene (2000), 19(25), 2921

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See detailQuantification of wild-type mitochondrial DNA and its 4.8-kb deletion in rat organs.
Filser, N.; Margue, Christiane; Richter, C.

in Biochemical and biophysical research communications (1997), 233(1), 102-7

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