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Evelyne Friederich

Evelyne Friederich
Postal Address Université du Luxembourg
2, Avenue de l'Université
L-4365 Esch-sur-Alzette
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See detailETV5 cooperates with LPP as a sensor of extracellular signals and promotes EMT in endometrial carcinomas.
Colas, E.; Muinelo-Romay, L.; Alonso-Alconada, L.; Llaurado, M.; Monge, M.; Barbazan, J.; Gonzalez, M.; Schoumacher, M.; Pedrola, N.; Ertekin, T.; Devis, L.; Ruiz, A.; Castellvi, J.; Doll, A.; Gil-Moreno, A.; Vazquez-Levin, M.; Lapyckyj, L.; Lopez-Lopez, R.; Robine, S.; Friederich, Evelyne; Castro, M.; Reventos, J.; Vignjevic, D.; Abal, M.

in Oncogene (2012), 31(45), 4778-88

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See detailQuantitative kinetic study of the actin-bundling protein L-plastin and of its impact on actin turn-over.
Al Tanoury, Ziad; Schaffner-Reckinger, Elisabeth; Halavatyi, Aliaksandr; Hoffmann, Celine; Moes, Michèle; Hadzic, Ermin; Catillon, Marie; Yatskou, Mikalai; Friederich, Evelyne

in PloS one (2010), 5(2), 9210

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See detailAn alpaca single-domain antibody blocks filopodia formation by obstructing L-plastin-mediated F-actin bundling.
Delanote, Veerle; Vanloo, Berlinda; Catillon, Marie; Friederich, Evelyne; Vandekerckhove, Joel; Gettemans, Jan

in FASEB Journal (2010), 24(1), 105-18

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See detailA mathematical model of actin filament turnover for fitting FRAP data
Halavatyi, A. A.; Nazarov, P. V.; Al Tanoury, Z.; Apanasovich, V. V.; Yatskou, M.; Friederich, Evelyne

in European Biophysics Journal (2010), 39(4), 669-677

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See detailThe actin filament cross-linker L-plastin confers resistance to TNF-alpha in MCF-7 breast cancer cells in a phosphorylation-dependent manner.
Janji, Bassam; Vallar, Laurent; Al Tanoury, Ziad; Bernardin, Francois; Vetter, Guillaume; Schaffner-Reckinger, Elisabeth; Berchem, Guy; Friederich, Evelyne; Chouaib, Salem

in Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine (2010), 14(6A), 1264-75

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See detailAn integrative simulation model linking major biochemical reactions of actin-polymerization to structural properties of actin filaments
Halavatyi, A. A.; Nazarov, P. V.; Medves, S.; van Troys, M.; Ampe, C.; Yatskou, M.; Friederich, Evelyne

in Biophysical Chemistry (2009), 140(1-3), 24-34

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See detailTranscriptional repression of microRNA genes by PML-RARA increases expression of key cancer proteins in acute promyelocytic leukemia.
Saumet, Anne; Vetter, Guillaume; Bouttier, Manuella; Portales-Casamar, Elodie; Wasserman, Wyeth W.; Maurin, Thomas; Mari, Bernard; Barbry, Pascal; Vallar, Laurent; Friederich, Evelyne; Arar, Khalil; Cassinat, Bruno; Chomienne, Christine; Lecellier, Charles-Henri

in Blood (2009), 113(2), 412-21

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See detailTime-resolved analysis of transcriptional events during SNAI1-triggered epithelial to mesenchymal transition
Vetter, G.; Le Béchec, Antony; Muller, J.; Muller, A.; Moes, Michèle; Yatskou, M.; Al Tanoury, Z.; Poch, O.; Vallar, L.; Friederich, Evelyne

in Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications (2009), 385(4), 485-91

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See detailIn colon carcinogenesis, the cytoskeletal protein gelsolin is down-regulated during the transition from adenoma to carcinoma.
Gay, Fabien; Estornes, Yann; Saurin, Jean-Christophe; Joly-Pharaboz, Marie-Odile; Friederich, Evelyne; Scoazec, Jean-Yves; Abello, Jacques

in Human pathology (2008), 39(10), 1420-30

See detailAdvanced spot quality analysis in two-colour microarray experiments
Yatskou, M.; Novikov, E.; Vetter, G.; Muller, A.; Barillot, E.; Vallar, L.; Friederich, Evelyne

in BMC Research Notes (2008), 1

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See detailSpecial issue: Integrated approaches to cytoskeleton research
Friederich, Evelyne

in Biochimica et Biophysica Acta-Molecular Cell Research (2007), 1773(5), 603

See detailDesign and evaluation of Actichip, a thematic microarray for the study of the actin cytoskeleton
Muller, J.; Mehlen, A.; Vetter, G.; Yatskou, M.; Muller, A.; Chalmel, F.; Poch, O.; Friederich, Evelyne; Vallar, L.

in BMC Genomics (2007), 8

See detailIdentification of a novel BBS gene (BBS12) highlights the major role of a vertebrate-specific branch of chaperonin-related proteins in Bardet-Biedl syndrome.
Stoetzel, Corinne; Muller, Jean; Laurier, Virginie; Davis, Erica E.; Zaghloul, Norann A.; Vicaire, Serge; Jacquelin, Cecile; Plewniak, Frederic; Leitch, Carmen C.; Sarda, Pierre; Hamel, Christian; de Ravel, Thomy J. L.; Lewis, Richard Alan; Friederich, Evelyne; Thibault, Christelle; Danse, Jean-Marc; Verloes, Alain; Bonneau, Dominique; Katsanis, Nicholas; Poch, Olivier; Mandel, Jean-Louis; Dollfus, Helene

in American Journal of Human Genetics (2007), 80(1), 1-11

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See detailPhosphorylation on Ser5 increases the F-actin-binding activity of L-plastin and promotes its targeting to sites of actin assembly in cells
Janji, B.; Giganti, A.; De Corte, V.; Catillon, M.; Bruyneel, E.; Lentz, D.; Plastino, J.; Gettemans, J.; Friederich, Evelyne

in Journal of Cell Science (2006), 119(9), 1947-1960

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See detailMolecular basis for dissimilar nuclear trafficking of the actin-bundling protein isoforms T- and L-plastin.
Delanote, Veerle; Van Impe, Katrien; De Corte, Veerle; Bruyneel, Erik; Vetter, Guillaume; Boucherie, Ciska; Mareel, Marc; Vandekerckhove, Joel; Friederich, Evelyne; Gettemans, Jan

in Traffic (Copenhagen, Denmark) (2005), 6(4), 335-45

See detailActin-filament cross-linking protein T-plastin increases Arp2/3-mediated actin-based movement
Giganti, A.; Plastino, J.; Janji, B.; Van Troys, M.; Lentz, D.; Ampe, C.; Sykes, C.; Friederich, Evelyne

in Journal of Cell Science (2005), 118(6), 1255-1265

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See detailThe actin cytoskeleton as a therapeutic target: state of the art and future directions.
Giganti, Adeline; Friederich, Evelyne

in Progress in cell cycle research (2003), 5

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See detailActA and human zyxin harbour Arp2/3-independent actin-polymerization activity.
Fradelizi, J.; Noireaux, V.; Plastino, J.; Menichi, B.; Louvard, D.; Sykes, C.; Golsteyn, R. M.; Friederich, Evelyne

in Nature Cell Biology (2001), 3(8), 699-707

See detailTargeting of zyxin to sites of actin membrane interaction and to the nucleus.
Nix, D. A.; Fradelizi, J.; Bockholt, S.; Menichi, B.; Louvard, D.; Friederich, Evelyne; Beckerle, M. C.

in The Journal of biological chemistry (2001), 276(37), 34759-67

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See detailCharacterization of the interaction between zyxin and members of the Ena/vasodilator-stimulated phosphoprotein family of proteins.
Drees, B.; Friederich, Evelyne; Fradelizi, J.; Louvard, D.; Beckerle, M. C.; Golsteyn, R. M.

in The Journal of biological chemistry (2000), 275(29), 22503-11

See detailVillin-like actin-binding proteins are expressed ubiquitously in Arabidopsis.
Klahre, U.; Friederich, Evelyne; Kost, B.; Louvard, D.; Chua, N. H.

in Plant physiology (2000), 122(1), 35-48

See detailExpression patterns of L-plastin isoform in normal and carcinomatous breast tissues.
Lapillonne, A.; Coue, O.; Friederich, Evelyne; Nicolas, A.; Del Maestro, L.; Louvard, D.; Robine, S.; Sastre-Garau, X.

in Anticancer research (2000), 20(5A), 3177-82

See detailGrowing an actin gel on spherical surfaces.
Noireaux, V.; Golsteyn, R. M.; Friederich, Evelyne; Prost, J.; Antony, C.; Louvard, D.; Sykes, C.

in Biophysical journal (2000), 78(3), 1643-54

See detailLPP, an actin cytoskeleton protein related to zyxin, harbors a nuclear export signal and transcriptional activation capacity.
Petit, M. M.; Fradelizi, J.; Golsteyn, R. M.; Ayoubi, T. A.; Menichi, B.; Louvard, D.; Van de Ven, W. J.; Friederich, Evelyne

in Molecular biology of the cell (2000), 11(1), 117-29

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See detailQuantitative measurement of proteins by western blotting with Cy5-coupled secondary antibodies.
Fradelizi, J.; Friederich, Evelyne; Beckerle, M. C.; Golsteyn, R. M.

in BioTechniques (1999), 26(3), 484-6488490

See detailVillin function in the organization of the actin cytoskeleton. Correlation of in vivo effects to its biochemical activities in vitro.
Friederich, Evelyne; Vancompernolle, K.; Louvard, D.; Vandekerckhove, J.

in The Journal of biological chemistry (1999), 274(38), 26751-60

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See detailStructural and functional similarities between the human cytoskeletal protein zyxin and the ActA protein of Listeria monocytogenes.
Golsteyn, R. M.; Beckerle, M. C.; Koay, T.; Friederich, Evelyne

in Journal of cell science (1997), 110 ( Pt 16)

See detailThe role of actin binding proteins in epithelial morphogenesis: models based upon Listeria movement.
Golsteyn, R. M.; Louvard, D.; Friederich, Evelyne

in Biophysical chemistry (1997), 68(1-3), 73-82

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See detailTargeting of Listeria monocytogenes ActA protein to the plasma membrane as a tool to dissect both actin-based cell morphogenesis and ActA function.
Friederich, Evelyne; Gouin, E.; Hellio, R.; Kocks, C.; Cossart, P.; Louvard, D.

in The EMBO journal (1995), 14(12), 2731-44

See detailConformational behaviour of a synthetic peptide of the C-terminus of villin that interacts with actin: an NMR, CD and stimulated annealing study.
Simenel, C.; Rose, T.; Goethals, M.; Vandekerckhove, J.; Friederich, Evelyne; Louvard, D.; Delepierre, M.

in International journal of peptide and protein research (1995), 45(6), 574-86

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See detailFunctional differences between L- and T-plastin isoforms.
Arpin, M.; Friederich, Evelyne; Algrain, M.; Vernel, F.; Louvard, D.

in The Journal of cell biology (1994), 127(6 Pt 2), 1995-2008

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See detailVillin-induced growth of microvilli is reversibly inhibited by cytochalasin D.
Friederich, Evelyne; Kreis, T. E.; Louvard, D.

in Journal of cell science (1993), 105 ( Pt 3)

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See detailIn vivo analysis of functional domains from villin and gelsolin.
Finidori, J.; Friederich, Evelyne; Kwiatkowski, D. J.; Louvard, D.

in The Journal of cell biology (1992), 116(5), 1145-55

See detailAn actin-binding site containing a conserved motif of charged amino acid residues is essential for the morphogenic effect of villin.
Friederich, Evelyne; Vancompernolle, K.; Huet, C.; Goethals, M.; Finidori, J.; Vandekerckhove, J.; Louvard, D.

in Cell (1992), 70(1), 81-92

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See detailFrom the structure to the function of villin, an actin-binding protein of the brush border.
Friederich, Evelyne; Pringault, E.; Arpin, M.; Louvard, D.

in BioEssays (1990), 12(9), 403-8

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See detailVillin induces microvilli growth and actin redistribution in transfected fibroblasts.
Friederich, Evelyne; Huet, C.; Arpin, M.; Louvard, D.

in Cell (1989), 59(3), 461-75

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