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New Bachelors in Engineering, Medicine, Physics and Mathematics

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Published on Wednesday, 15 April 2020

The University of Luxembourg will launch four new Bachelor programmes – in engineering, medicine, physics and mathematics - starting in September 2020.

The new programmes were presented at a digital press conference today by Prof. Romain Martin, Senior advisor at the Ministry for Higher Education and Research, Prof. Stéphane Pallage and Prof. Jean-Marc Schlenker, respectively Rector of the University of Luxembourg and Dean of the Faculty of Science, Technology and Medicine.

Redesigned to meet the needs of graduates and the economy

The Bachelor programmes have evolved from existing tracks and training programmes. They were redesigned as full Bachelor programmes to align with the needs of industry, educational institutions and graduates entering the job market. The four Bachelors respond to an increasing demand in Luxembourg for skilled workforce in data science, analytical reasoning, computational science, engineering and medicine.

“It is our mission to educate the qualified workforce of tomorrow. By further adapting our course contents and teaching methods to the quickly changing realities, the University responds to the needs of society, industry and future graduates entering the job market,” states Stéphane Pallage.

“The current health crisis has demonstrated the importance of medical careers but also of science, which has a crucial role to play in the fight against this virus,” states Romain Martin. “The four new Bachelor programmes will help train the next generation of doctors and of researchers. They will also contribute to responding to skills shortages in the so-called STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) and hence to the development of the knowledge-based society and economy Luxembourg strives to be. I want to thank and to congratulate the University of Luxembourg for its ability to continuously adapt its educational offer to the evolutions in our society.”

“Our new Bachelor programmes offer a great learning environment, with small groups of students. They establish a close contact to research and to practice, and will train students in skills that are needed by the Luxembourg economy. Graduates of those Bachelor programmes will have access to many exciting career options,” explains Jean-Marc Schlenker.


Characteristics of each Bachelor

Bachelor in Engineering (DE, FR, EN)

The Bachelor in Engineering provides a solid foundation in the fields of electrotechnics, energy and environment, civil engineering, mechanical engineering and digital engineering. These are areas in which engineers are in high demand on the Luxembourg market. The trilingual Bachelor will prepare students to work in a current context where energy transition, digitalisation or industry 4.0 require practical application skills. Graduates will be prepared to enter the job market or continue a Master's degree.

Course director: Prof. Frank Scholzen

More information: beng.uni.lu


Bachelor in Medicine (FR, DE, EN)

The Bachelor in Medicine focuses not only on appropriate knowledge of preclinical sciences, but also on the early development of clinical skills through simulation training and tutoring by physicians with proven pedagogical abilities. The learning process will be enhanced with digital tools and early insertion into medical practice. Through the development of clinical reasoning and professional attitudes, Bachelor graduates will be distinguished by the excellence of their training. The University retains agreements with partner universities to facilitate access to medicine master programmes for its graduates.

Course director: Prof. Gilbert Massard

More information: bmed.uni.lu


Bachelor in Mathematics (FR, EN)

The Bachelor in Mathematics trains students in the fundamental areas of mathematics (including algebra, analysis, geometry and probability) and also teaches them concepts of related disciplines, such as physics, computer science or mathematics didactics. The programme considers the specificities of three main job prospects for graduates wishing to enter the job market, namely teaching and research, industry and finance. In addition, new courses are introduced, such as statistics.

Course director: Prof. Ivan Nourdin

More information: bmath.uni.lu


Bachelor in Physics (EN, FR)

The Bachelor in Physics provides a solid introduction to the main areas of physics, acquaints the students with the necessary mathematical skills, and offers a large range of elective courses to allow specialisation. The new programme offers more flexibility for the mobility semester and a more research-oriented education. A solid education in physics is necessary for many jobs in both the research and development sector as well as the industrial sector. Moreover, there is a strong demand for physicists in Luxembourg, as high-school teachers as well as in the financial, insurance or consultancy sectors.

Course director: Prof. Thomas Schmidt

More information: bphy.uni.lu


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