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Evandro Lanzoni

Evandro Lanzoni

Postdoctoral researcher

Faculty or Centre Faculty of Science, Technology and Medicine
Department Department of Physics and Materials Science
Postal Address Campus Limpertsberg, Université du Luxembourg
162 A, avenue de la Faïencerie
L-1511 Luxembourg
Campus Office BS 3.08C
Telephone (+352) 46 66 44 6106
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See detailHow much gallium do we need for a p-type Cu(In,Ga)Se2?
Ramirez Sanchez, Omar; Martin Lanzoni, Evandro; Goncalinho Poeira, Ricardo Jorge; Weiss, Thomas; Leturcq, Renaud; Redinger, Alex; Siebentritt, Susanne

in APL Materials (2022)

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See detailCo-evaporation of CH3NH3PbI3: How Growth Conditions Impact Phase Purity, Photostriction, and Intrinsic Stability
Gallet, Thibaut; Goncalinho Poeira, Ricardo Jorge; Martin Lanzoni, Evandro; Abzieher, Tobias; Paetzold, Ulrich W.; Redinger, Alex

in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces (2021), 13(2), 26422653

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See detailThe impact of Kelvin probe force microscopy operation modes and environment on grain boundary band bending in perovskite and Cu(In,Ga)Se2 solar cells
Martin Lanzoni, Evandro; Gallet, Thibaut; Spindler, Conrad; Ramirez Sanchez, Omar; Kameni Boumenou, Christian; Siebentritt, Susanne; Redinger, Alex

in Nano Energy (2021), 88

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See detailImpact of metallic potassium post-deposition treatment on epitaxial Cu(In, Ga)Se2
Martin Lanzoni, Evandro; Ramirez Sanchez, Omar; Phirke, Himanshu; Elizabeth, Amala; Mönig, Harry; Redinger, Alex

in Thin Solid Films (2021)

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See detailEffects of Annealing and Light on Co-evaporated Methylammonium Lead Iodide Perovskites using Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy in Ultra-High Vacuum
Gallet, Thibaut; Martin Lanzoni, Evandro; Redinger, Alex

in 2019 IEEE 46th Photovoltaic Specialists Conference (PVSC) (2020, February 06)

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See detailSurface characterization of epitaxial Cu-rich CuInSe2 absorbers
Martin Lanzoni, Evandro; Spindler, Conrad; Ramirez Sanchez, Omar; Melchiorre, Michele; Siebentritt, Susanne; Redinger, Alex

in IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference. Conference Record (2019, July)

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See detailWearable binary cooperative polypyrrole nanofilms for chemical mapping on skin
Morais, Vitória Brito De; Corrêa, Cátia Crispilho; Martin Lanzoni, Evandro; Costa, Carlos Alberto Rodrigues; Bufon, Carlos César Bof; Santhiago, Murilo

in Journal of Materials Chemistry A (2019)

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See detailUnraveling the Role of Sn Segregation in the Electronic Transport of Polycrystalline Hematite: Raising the Electronic Conductivity by Lowering the Grain-Boundary Blocking Effect
Soares, Mario R. S.; Costa, Carlos A. R.; Martin Lanzoni, Evandro; Bettini, Jefferson; Ramirez, Carlos A. O.; Souza, Flavio L.; Longo, Elson; Leite, Edson R.

in Advanced Electronic Materials (2019), 0(0), 1900065

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See detailBanana starch nanocomposite with cellulose nanofibers isolated from banana peel by enzymatic treatment: In vitro cytotoxicity assessment
Tibolla, H.; Pelissari, F. M.; Martins, J. T.; Martin Lanzoni, Evandro; Vicente, A. A.; Menegalli, F. C.; Cunha, R. L.

in Carbohydrate Polymers (2019), 207

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See detailSeparating the influence of electric charges in magnetic force microscopy images of inhomogeneous metal samples
Arenas, Mónica P.; Martin Lanzoni, Evandro; Pacheco, Clara J.; Costa, Carlos A. R.; Eckstein, Carlos B.; de Almeida, Luiz H.; Rebello, João M. A.; Deneke, Christoph F.; Pereira, Gabriela R.

in Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials (2018), 446

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See detailPredicting Ligand-Free Cell Attachment on Next-Generation Cellulose–Chitosan Hydrogels
Johns, Marcus A.; Bae, Yongho; Guimarães, Francisco E. G.; Martin Lanzoni, Evandro; Costa, Carlos A. R.; Murray, Paul M.; Deneke, Christoph; Galembeck, Fernando; Scott, Janet L.; Sharma, Ram I.

in ACS Omega (2018), 3(1), 937--945

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See detailCovalent functionalization of graphene oxide with D-mannose: evaluating the hemolytic effect and protein corona formation
Sousa, Marcelo De; Martins, Carlos H. Z.; Franqui, Lidiane S.; Fonseca, Leandro C.; Delite, Fabrício S.; Martin Lanzoni, Evandro; Martinez, Diego Stéfani T.; Alves, Oswaldo L.

in Journal of Materials Chemistry B (2018), 6(18), 2803--2812

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See detailModulating cell response on cellulose surfaces; tunable attachment and scaffold mechanics
Courtenay, James C.; Deneke, Christoph; Martin Lanzoni, Evandro; Costa, Carlos A.; Bae, Yongho; Scott, Janet L.; Sharma, Ram I.

in Cellulose (2017)

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See detailSurface modified cellulose scaffolds for tissue engineering
Courtenay, James C.; Johns, Marcus A.; Galembeck, Fernando; Deneke, Christoph; Martin Lanzoni, Evandro; Costa, Carlos A.; Scott, Janet L.; Sharma, Ram I.

in Cellulose (2016)

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See detailOvergrowth of wrinkled InGaAs membranes using molecular beam epitaxy
da Silva, S. Filipe Covre; Martin Lanzoni, Evandro; Malachias, A.; Deneke, Ch

in Journal of Crystal Growth (2015), 425

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See detailAdhesive and Reinforcing Properties of Soluble Cellulose: A Repulpable Adhesive for Wet and Dry Cellulosic Substrates
Ferreira, Elisa; Martin Lanzoni, Evandro; Costa, Carlos A. R.; Deneke, Christoph; Bernardes, Juliana S.; Galembeck, Fernando

in ACS Applied Materials Interfaces (2015), 7(33), 18750--18758

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See detailDetermination of High Frequency Dielectric Constant and Surface Potential of Graphene Oxide and Influence of Humidity by KPFM.
Salomão, Francisco Carneiro; Martin Lanzoni, Evandro; Costa, Carlos; Deneke, Christoph; Barros, Eduardo Bedê

in Langmuir (2015)

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See detailInAs migration on released, wrinkled InGaAs membranes used as virtual substrate
Silva, S. Filipe Covre Da; Martin Lanzoni, Evandro; Barboza, V. De Araujo; Malachias, A.; Kiravittaya, S.; Deneke, Ch

in Nanotechnology (2014), 25(45), 455603

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See detailScratch testing for micro- and nanoscale evaluation of tribocharging in DLC films containing silver nanoparticles using AFM and KPFM techniques
Vieira, L.; Lucas, Francis; Fisssmer, S. F.; dos Santos, L. C. D.; Massi, M.; Leite, P. M. S. C. M.; Costa, C. A. R.; Martin Lanzoni, Evandro; Pessoa, R. S.; Maciel, H. S.

in Surface and Coatings Technology (2014), 260

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