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Human Resources Strategy for Researchers

The University of Luxembourg is proud to be one of the 150 first European research institutions acknowledged by the European Commission in the frame of the Human Resources Strategy for Researchers. The University was awarded the “HR Excellence in Research” logo in May 2013.  

The Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R) of the University of Luxembourg aims at attracting high-level researchers, as well as ensuring high-quality standards and environment for its researchers. It covers actions in the areas of career development, training policy, recruitment, ethical and professional aspects, valorisation and dissemination, working conditions and social security.

The process was launched in 2010 as the University signed up to the Charter & Code showing thereby its commitment to adopt their principles. To support its internal reflection, the University joined the “Institutional HR Strategy Group” set up by the EC the same year and decided to define its own Human Resources Strategy for Researchers.

On the basis of a university internal gap analysis to compare institutional practices against the Charter and Code principles, the University of Luxembourg designed its action plan in 2012 and submitted its own HRS4R to the Commission Mid-March 2013. The University commits to ensure a self-assessment at least every second year on the basis of which the strategy may be updated, as well as an external evaluation, which takes place periodically, but no later than every 4th year, in cooperation with the European commission.

An initiative of the European Commission

The European Charter for Researchers and Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers were adopted by the European Commission as a Recommendation to the Member States. This mechanism is a support tool of the European Commission (EC) put into action by research institutions on a voluntary basis.

The Charter provides a framework for the career management of researchers, while the Code promotes open and transparent recruitment and appraisal procedures. Together they are aimed at developing an attractive, open and sustainable European labour market for researchers. To facilitate the implementation of the Charter & Code (C&C), guidance is provided by the "Human Resources Strategy for Researchers incorporating the Charter & Code (HRS4R)".