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New interface and publication for TEI digital editions

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Published on Thursday, 22 December 2016

A new interface for TEI digital editions – the TEI Transviewer – and a subset of TEI-encoded documents from the ePublication “Franco-British diplomatic games and issues within WEU (1954–1982)” are now available on the website CVCE.eu.

The interface is based on the transformation of documents into XML-TEI format so that they can be viewed in the browser. It provides an alternative to the traditional PDF viewing of documents, with different display options to view the scanned original and the transcription side by side or individually. Two further options are available for the transcription view: diplomatic, which tries to emulate the look of the original document, and linear, which presents the text in a linear, simplified fashion. There is a free-text search field and also a feature allowing users to search by category of encoded entities (names of persons, organisations, places, etc.). Co-reference resolution and links to online entity repositories have not yet been implemented and are intended as a future development. Other features include page-by-page navigation, book view, zoom, synchronised scrolling and structural navigation.

The viewer has been tested on the latest versions of Mac OS and Windows browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Edge). It is currently available for a small subset of 55 documents in French. Below are links to some examples of documents: