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Denise Elaine Fletcher

Denise Elaine Fletcher

Full professor of Entrepreneurship and Innnovation

Research Topics Entrepreneurship, Family business, Small business management
Faculty or Centre Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance
Research Unit UR CREA
Postal Address Campus Kirchberg, Université du Luxembourg
6, rue Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi
L-1359 Luxembourg
Campus Office G 103
Telephone (+352) 46 66 44 5863
Fax (+352) 46 66 44 6341

Research Interests 

  • Entrepreneurship (opportunity emergence, relational perspectives, business start up, copreneurship, internationalization and organizational change of small firms)
  • Family business (family discourses, family business in the television media, growth, organizational culture, family heritage, sustainability, succession and strategic renewal of family firms)


Denise Fletcher completed her PhD degree in 1997 at The Nottingham Trent University, UK.  She was a lecturer in European Business at Nottingham Trent (1990-2004) becoming a Principal Lecturer in Entrepreneurship in 1998 and Director of Entrepreneurship Research in Centre for Growing Businesses in 2004. From 2006, she moved to a Senior Lecturer role at University of Sheffield becoming a Reader in Entrepreneurship and Family Business in February 2011. Since April 2011, Denise Fletcher has been Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the University of Luxembourg.

Last updated on: Tuesday, 14 July 2015


Short CV

Current appointments and responsabilities

  • Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, University of Luxembourg
  • Academic Head of the Management Group, CREA
  • Academic Head of the partnership with the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce
  • Study Director, Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, University of Luxembourg
  • Director of the Studies for Master Programme in Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Visiting Professor

  • Visiting Professor, Family Business Research Centre, Jonkoping Business School, Jonkoping, Sweden (May 2012-13)
  • External examiner, University of Manchester, Enterprise Centre, Manchester, UK (Since Feb 2010-14)


  • Member of Family Firm Institute
  • Member of International Family Enterprise Research Academy
  • Member of Institute of Small Business and Entrepreneurship

Doctoral supervision

Eleven PhD completions, plus five ongoing

Last updated on: 20 Jun 2017

In my research, I am interested in theories and methodologies that enable fine grained analyses of entrepreneurial processes. Fine grained analyses are important for entrepreneurship theory, education, policy and practice as they show, in a detailed process-minded way, how entrepreneurs design social structures, discourses and artifacts to mediate the problems they encounter as they engage in purposeful market or value creating ventures.
Activity and event-based research enables the researcher to address questions such as: how do entrepreneurs move their venture forward in the face of multiple possible directions and pathway; how are everyday activities, events and contexts continuously interrelated and reconfigured to create new spheres for value or market creation; how are unforeseeable problems resolved and accommodated vis a vis the original purpose or goal for the venture; how do entrepreneurs maintain a sense of continuity for the venture to prevent it from fragmenting into disparate events. With these questions in mind, I relate to sociological, pragmatist, design science, discourse and linguistic fields of inquiry to advance a process conception of entrepreneurship and to understand better why entrepreneurs do what they do.

Last research grants and contracts

  • PriceWaterHouse Coopers (PwC), Luxembourg. Understanding the sustainability and growth of family firms in the Greater Region of Luxembourg.
  • Limited Liability Partnership, funded by Institute for Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ACIEW) (http://www.icaew.com/~/media/Files/)
  • 01/05/2009-30/04/2012: Energy2b – A cross-disciplinary stimulating energy- awareness initiative targeting students in higher education, European Commission (http://www.energy2b.eu/energy2b_eu)
  • The State of Family Business in the UK in ‘Overview of Family Business Relevant Issues, commissioned by the European Commission, Enterprise and Industry Directorate-General: Crafts, small businesses, cooperatives and mutuals, project coordinated by Austrian Institute for SME Research‘ (2008).
  • Publication of Gender Diversity in Business (produced with the support of FEDIL in conjunction with Mrs Michèle Detaille, Mr Raymond Schadeck, Monika Kmochova and Ana Schoen)

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Last updated on: 08 Jun 2018

Current undergraduate and post graduate teaching (all  ongoing)

  • Entrepreneurship and Business Models, Processes and Planning, Master level
  • Small Business Management, Research Methodology courses
  • Research methodology/thesis development, Master Level


I am committed to creating an environment in which students can practice and extend their entrepreneurial skills, confidence and abilities in order to transform theirs and other peoples’ lives. Research and scholarly activity underpins my teaching and ensures currency of curricula where I strive to achieve an integration of theory and practice.

Drawing upon personal experiences in running a business I demonstrate how entrepreneurs use their local contexts/resources to negotiate institutional boundaries and realise market opportunities.  Using entrepreneurs as guest speakers, video clips and live case studies, I also practice a process-pedagogy in my classroom work by emphasising the relationship(s) between formulation and implementation, recognition and realisation, intentionality and actualisation in the construction of business opportunities.

Please visit Curriculum Vitae  for complete information

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Last updated on: 20 Jun 2017

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Collective works published as editor or director

See detailEntrepreneurship, universities & resources
Hytti, Ulla; Blackburn, Robert; Fletcher, Denise Elaine; Welter, Freiderike

Book published by Edward Elgar (2016)

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Articles published in scientific periodicals

Full Text
See detailQualitative research practices and family business scholarship: a review and future research agenda
Fletcher, Denise Elaine; de Massis, Alfredo; Nordqvist, Matthias

in Journal of Family Business Strategy (2016), 7(1), 8-25

Full Text
See detailThe entrepreneurial journey as an emergent hierarchical system of artifact-creating processes
Fletcher, Denise Elaine; Selden, Paul

in Journal of Business Venturing (2015), 30(4), 603-615

Full Text
See detailA curiosity for contexts: entrepreneurship, enactive research and auto ethnography’: an essay for Bengt Johannisson
Fletcher, Denise Elaine

in Entrepreneurship and Regional Development (2012), 1/2

Full Text
See detailCulture and values in Family Business – A review and suggestions for further research
Fletcher, Denise Elaine; Melin, Leif; Gimeno, Albert

in Journal of Family Business Strategy (2012), 3/4

Full Text
See detailEntrepreneurship and Institutional change
Kalantaridis, Christos; Fletcher, Denise Elaine

in Entrepreneurship and Regional Development (2012), 24(3-4), 199-216

Full Text
See detail‘Life-making or risk taking’?:
Fletcher, Denise Elaine

in International Small Business Journal (2010), 28(5), 1-17

Full Text
See detailA review of the educational and support infrastructure for family business in the United Kingdom
Fletcher, Denise Elaine

in International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy (2010), 30(7/8), 440-456

Full Text
See detail‘Toy Story’: the narrative world of entrepreneurship
Fletcher, Denise Elaine

in Journal of Business Venturing (2007), 22(5), 649-672

Full Text
See detailEntrepreneurship, Management Learning and Negotiated Narratives: 'Making it otherwise for us-otherwise for them''
Fletcher, Denise Elaine; watson, tony

in Management Learning (2007), 38(1), 9-26

Full Text
See detailVoice, silence and the business of construction:
Fletcher, Denise Elaine; Watson, Tony

in Organization (2007), 14(2), 155-174

Full Text
See detailEntrepreneurial processes and the social construction of opportunity
Fletcher, Denise Elaine

in Entrepreneurship and Regional Development (2006), 18(5), 421-440

Full Text
See detailInternational entrepreneurship and the small business
Fletcher, Denise Elaine

in Entrepreneurship and Regional Development (2004), 16

Full Text
See detailInterpreneurship’: Organisational (re)emergence and entrepreneurial development in a second-generation family firm
Fletcher, Denise Elaine

in International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Research (2004), 10(1/2), 34-48

Full Text
See detailIn the Company of Men’: a reflexive tale of cultural organising in a small organisation
Fletcher, Denise Elaine

in Gender, Work and Organization (2002), 9(4), 65-76

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Contributions to collective works

See detailA critical review of critical perspectives in entrepreneurship research
Fletcher, Denise Elaine

in Landstrom, Hans; Parhankangas, Annaleena; Fayolle, Alain; Riot, Phillipe (Eds.) Challenging entrepreneurship research (2016)

See detailNavigating the growing field of entrepreneurship inquiry: successionist and relational modes of theory development
Fletcher, Denise Elaine; Selden, Paul

in Fayolle, Alain; Riot, Phillipe (Eds.) Rethinking Entrepreneurship: debating research orientations (2016)

See detailA relational conceptualisation of context and the real time emergence of entrepreneurship processes
Fletcher, Denise Elaine; Selden, Paul

in Welter, Friederike; Gartner, Willam. B. (Eds.) Entrepreneurship and Context: a research agenda (2016)

See detailCritical inquiry in entrepreneurship research and its possibilities for redefining the field
Fletcher, Denise Elaine; Selden, Paul

in Critical inquiry in entrepreneurship research and its possibilities for redefining the field (2014)

See detailFamily business inquiry as a critical social science
Fletcher, Denise Elaine

in Melin, Leif; Nordqvist, Mathias; Sharma, Pramodita (Eds.) The Sage Handbook of Family Business (2014)

Full Text
See detailFamily and Enterprise
Fletcher, Denise Elaine

in Carter, Sara; Jones-Evans, Dylan (Eds.) Enterprise and Small Business: principles, practice and policy (2006)

See detail'Family' as a discursive resource for understanding the small family business
Fletcher, Denise Elaine

in Fletcher, Denise (Ed.) Understanding the small family business (2002)

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Scientific congresses, symposiums and conference proceedings – Papers published in a book

Full Text
See detailTesting the discrimination hypothesis for female self employment migrants in the UK
Constantinidis, Christina; Fletcher, Denise Elaine; Joxhe, Majlinda

in IAFFE (Ed.) Books of Abstracts (2017, July 01)

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Scientific congresses, symposiums and conference proceedings – Unpublished conferences

Full Text
See detailRe-thinking culture in family business: A twelve-year review
Adiguna, Rocky; Fletcher, Denise Elaine; Melin, Leif

Scientific Conference (2016, June 29)

See detailA reflexive note on reflexivity: issues to think about for entrepreneurship research
Fletcher, Denise Elaine

Scientific Conference (2015, August)

See detailProfessional Development Workshop: Reflexive Entrepreneurship Studies
Fletcher, Denise Elaine; Verduijn, Karen; Gartner, William

Scientific Conference (2015, August)

Full Text
See detailIn What Ways is Qualitative Research Vital to Family Business Scholarship? A Review of Past Trends and Planning for New Futures
Fletcher, Denise Elaine; deMassis, Alfredo; Nordqvist, Mattias

Scientific Conference (2014, July)

See detail‘I’ll show them who’s boss’: A critical analysis of a television consultancy
Fletcher, Denise Elaine

Scientific Conference (2013, July)

Full Text
See detailThe promise of relational modes of inquiry for entrepreneurship research
Fletcher, Denise Elaine; Selden, Paul

Scientific Conference (2013, March)

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Scientific presentations in Universities or research centres

See detailCreating the future in the present: the embodied practice of artifactual design
Fletcher, Denise Elaine; Seldes, Paul

Presentation (2017, February)

See detailThe practice of artifactual design in entrepreneuring
Fletcher, Denise Elaine

Presentation (2017)

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Conferences given outside the academic context

Full Text
See detailFind your passion: Developing Entrepreneurial Behaviours
Fletcher, Denise Elaine; Geraudel, Mickaël

Conference given outside the academic context (2015)

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Full Text
See detailDevenir entrepreneur en partant de ses passions
Fletcher, Denise Elaine; Geraudel, Mickaël

Speeches/Talks (2016)

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