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CREA Research Focus "FinTech"

Research Focus “FinTech”

CREA’s research in the area of FinTech deals with challenges brought by FinTech in understanding financial markets, economic growth and welfare, interactions between humans and machines, corporate governance and management, and innovation. The team is also interested in developing and applying new statistical methods for examining big financial data. Some applied questions, such as examining Financial Stability in the presence of new Financial Intermediaries using Fintech, or examining the value of patents of FinTech products, are related to policy questions of special interest to the Eurozone and to Luxembourg.

The following researchers focus on FinTech matters with regard to Economics, Econometrics.

Balsmeier, Benjamin

  • Language processing and Financial News in empirical research
  • FinTech and Corporate Governance

Hussinger, Katrin

  • The value of FinTech patents
  • Spillover effects of FinTech patents and their role in economy-wide innovation

Irmen, Andreas

  • How FinTech and technical change in the services sector affect long-run growth in the presence of demographic changes such as population aging

Koulovatianos, Christos

  • FinTech (robo-advisors) and Financial Literacy in Household Finance, studied using (field) experimental methods through the platform https://saalt.net/
  • FinTech and Financial Stability, with special focus on leverage of Financial Intermediaries using FinTech.

Tripathi, Gautam

  • Econometric theory and econometric techniques for statistical inference appropriate for analyzing Big Financial Data originated by FinTech applications