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Prof. Dr. Jos Van Bommel

Jos Van Bommel

Associate professor

Research Topics Corporate Finance, Market Microstructure, Structured Products
Faculty or Centre Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance
Department Department of Economics and Management
Postal Address Campus Kirchberg, Université du Luxembourg
6, rue Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi
L-1359 Luxembourg
Campus Office G 107
Telephone (+352) 46 66 44 6825

Jos van Bommel is associate professor at the University of Luxembourg School since 2011. He taught at Babson College, Oxford University’s Said Business School and Esade Business School, among others. He holds an MSc. Degree in engineering from the University of Eindhoven (1989), an MBA from the IESE Business School (1992), and a PhD in finance from INSEAD (1999).

He conducts empirical and theoretical research in various areas finance and economics. He has completed several studies on IPOs, is also interested in venture capital, and entrepreneurial finance.

His research on market microstructure, banking and corporate governance has been published in the Journal of Finance, the Journal of Corporate Finance, and many other peer reviewed academic journals.

He was founding academic director of the Master in Wealth Management and is now running the continuing education course on Value Investing.

Last updated on: Tuesday, 29 November 2022

Full CV


  • 1989 MSc., Eindhoven University of Technology (Ir.)
  • 1992 MBA, IESE, Universidad de Navarra MBA
  • 1996 MSc. INSEAD
  • 1999 PhD INSEAD

Past positions

  • Babson University (Massachusetts, U.S.A.)
  • University of Oxford (UK)
  • Universidad Cardenal Herrera (Valencia, Spain)
  • Luxembourg School of Finance

Visiting positions

  • IESE Business School – Barcelona
  • Esade Business School – Barcelona
  • Universidad Carlos III – Madrid
  • Universidad Pompeu Fabra – Barcelona
  • Aalto University – Helsinki

University administrative duties

  • 2006 – 2009 Examination Board, Cass Business School (UK)
  • 2009 – 2011 Co-director, Master in Finance, Universidad Cardenal Herrera (Spain)
  • 2011 – 2016 Academic director, Master in Wealth Management, Luxembourg School of Finance
  • 2018 – now: Academic director, Certificate in Value Investing, University of Luxembourg

Selected Publications

  • “Messages from Market to Management: The Case of IPOs”
    Journal of Corporate Finance, 8 (2002), 123-138
  • “Post-IPO Capital Expenditures and Market Feedback” (Joint with Theo Vermaelen)
    Journal of Banking and Finance, 27 (2003), 275–305
  •  “Rumors”
    The Journal of Finance, 58, 4 (2003), 1499-1520
  • “Risk Sharing in a World with Transaction Costs: Trading versus Banking”
    Journal of Financial Markets Institutions and Instruments, 17, 5 (2008), 309-330
    “One Man Two Hats - What’s All the Commotion?” (with Jay Dahya and Laura Galguera) Financial Review, 44 (2009), 179-212
  • Endless Leverage Certificates” (Joint with Silvia Rossetto)
    Journal of Banking and Finance, 33, 8 (2009), 1543-1553
  • “An Empirical Investigation of the Speed of Information Aggregation: A Study of IPOs”
    International Journal of Banking, Accounting and Finance, 2, 1 (2010), 147-179
  • “Measuring Price Discovery: The Variance ratio, the R2, and the Weighted Price Contribution”
    Financial Research Letters, 8 (2011), 112-119
  • “Financial Contagion and Depositor Monitoring” (with Augusto Hasman and Margarita Samartín)
    Journal of Banking and Finance, 37 (2013), 3076-3084
  • “Financial Intermediation in an Overlapping Generations Model with Transaction Costs”
    Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 45 (2014), 111-125
  • “The Governance of Perpetual Financial Intermediaries” (With José Penalva)
    The Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, 137 (2017), 498-522


Last updated on: 29 Nov 2022

Since 2011

  • Corporate Governance (MSc. in Banking and Finance; Master in Accounting and Auditing)
  • Investment Banking (MSc. in Banking and Finance)
  • Equities (Master in Wealth Management)
  • Structured Products (Master in Wealth Management)
  • Corporate Finance (Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation)
  • Corporate Finance Theory (Doctoral School)
  • Game Theory (Master in Economics and Finance, Research Track)
  • Seminar on Empirical Research in Finance (Doctoral School)

Last updated on: 29 Nov 2022

Prof. van Bommel teaches in the Value Investing Certificate course offered by the Luxembourg School of Business. The course is an evening course on Value Investing, an investment philosophy based on fundamental analysis of investment opportunities.

The emphasis of the course will be on learning how to estimate the true values of equity investments and compare these with market prices, and make intelligent and rational investment decisions.

Schedule for the 2020 Edition:

  • March 10th: Introduction, overview and terminology
  • March 12th: Financial Statement Analysis
  • March 17th: Enterprise Valuation
  • March 19th: Taking the Theory to the real world: Case studies and real world investment analyses
  • March 24th:Qualitative factors:Comparative advantages, Strategy, Management
  • March 26th:ValueInvestingin practice: Screening, Analysing, Selecting
  • April 23rd: Capstone Event



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Last updated on: 29 Nov 2022

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Articles published in scientific periodicals

Full Text
See detailThe Governance of Perpetual Financial Intermediaries
Van Bommel, Jos; PENALVA, J.

in Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics (2016)

Full Text
See detailFinancial intermediation in a noverlapping generations model with transaction costs
Van Bommel, Jos; Hasman, Augusto; Samartín, Margarita

in Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control (2014)

Full Text
See detailFinancial Contagion and Depositor Monitoring
Van Bommel, Jos; Samartín, M.; Hasman, A.

in Journal of Banking and Finance (2013), 37

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E-Prints/Working papers – first made available on ORBilu

Full Text
See detailThe Governance of Perpetual Financial Intermediaries
Van Bommel, Jos; Penalva, José

E-print/Working paper (2012)

Full Text
See detailFinancial Intermediation in an Overlapping Generations Model with Transaction Costs
Van Bommel, Jos; Hasman, Augusto; Samartin, Margarita

E-print/Working paper (2011)

Full Text
See detailTransparency and Ending Times of Call Auctions: A Comparison of Euronext and Xetra
Van Bommel, Jos; Hoffmann, Peter

E-print/Working paper (2011)

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Scientific congresses, symposiums and conference proceedings – Unpublished conferences

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Articles for the General Public

See detailWas lief schief beim Facebook-Börsengang
Van Bommel, Jos

Article for general public (2012)

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Diverse Speeches and Writings – Other

See detailEs gibt Hoffnung für Aktives Asset Management
Van Bommel, Jos; Irek, Fabian

Diverse speeches and writings (2012)

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